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Jesus and Magdalene by Joao Cerqueira

Jesus and Magdalene
by João Cerqueira

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Line by Lion Publications; First edition (July 19, 2016)
Publication Date: July 19, 2016
Genre: Metaphysical | Black Humor |Satire
Print Length: 324 pages
Available from: Amazon
 Jesus returns to earth and meets activist Magdalene who is fighting for a better world.

He find an extremist ecological group, which is plotting to destroy a maize plantation it believes to be genetically modified. Then, he observes the rise up against a tourist development that is to be built in a forest reserve. Finally, he witnesses an armed conflict between blacks and gypsies.

However, although he limits himself to accompanying Magdalene attempting only to pacify those on bad terms, even then Jesus is unable to escape the fury of mankind. And only a con man will recognize him.

Using humor, Jesus and Magdalene broaches recent phenomena of social and political conflict.

 Jesus and Magdalene by Joao Cerqueira

Ever wondered what Jesus would do if he came back right now? What if he teamed up with an activist named Magdalene and an extremist group fighting for the survival of Earth’s resources? Would anyone listen or have we gone so deep into the bowels of self-absorption and instant gratification, no matter the cost to others, that he would be ridiculed as a bum, a transient beggar or a fool?

Author João Cerqueira tackles these thoughts with sly humor, not-so-shining examples of society’s shortcomings and some of the best satire around. His ability to frame his thoughts into coherent and intriguing words turns this tale into something that begs to be read, not only for its true societal value with his in-your-face irreverence, but for the entertainment value. In an eye-opening manner, we are forced to sit back and take stock of ourselves and the world around us. If that makes you uncomfortable with what you see, than all the better! If it provides you with a worthy distraction from your day to day realities, even better!

From plantations systematically poisoning the people in the name of greed and productivity to the machinations of powerful businessmen plowing over all in their way to achieve their agendas, no one is safe from the scrutiny of Jesus. Of course, we like to think we are above trickery or stupidity, but are we? Read for the entertainment value, stay for the messages contained within and love the presentation from this talented author!

I received this copy from Joao Cerquiera in exchange for my honest review.

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