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Make Me Burn by Tiffany Roberts (Isle of the Forgotten Book 1)

Make Me Burn
by Tiffany Roberts

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Isle of the Forgotten - Book 1
Publisher: Tiffany Roberts; 1 edition (March 7, 2016)
Publication Date: March 7, 2016
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 307 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Groomed to slaughter, Morthanion spent millennia battling the forces of light, claiming countless lives. Captured and banished to a remote island by the Mage Council, his fury knows no bounds - until he meets her. Mesmerized by her voice and beauty, he is powerless.


Aria knows survival means avoiding the other islanders at all costs. Yet when she encounters the dangerous, persistent Morthanion, it’s clear all the rules have changed. But can she forgive him the wrongs he’d done and grant him her trust…and love?


Stripped of magic, Morthanion understands that savagery is necessary to survive. When Aria’s true nature is revealed, the other inmates will stop at nothing to have her – and the demon would fight the entire world to keep her safe.

Make Me Burn by Tiffany Roberts
(Isle of the Forgotten Book 1)

Make Me Burn (Isle of the Forgotten, #1)Even a Demon needs love, no matter how murderous and evil he has been. Little did Morthanion know the beauty he would fall for has done everything in her power to avoid him and his kind, all in the name of survival. Imprisoned on a penal island by the Council of Mages, stripped of his powers, it is survival of the most deadly and Morthanion finds he will stop at nothing to keep Aria safe and make her his own for eternity.

Can Aria trust in the demon whose bloody past is what nightmares are made of? Will Aria’s true nature become a curse or a blessing in disguise for Morthanion?

MAKE ME BURN by Tiffany Roberts scorches the pages will romance, danger and characters that represent everything despicable and vile, from deep within still crave a chance a happiness and internal peace. They are demonic, evil and trapped and only their innate sense of survival keeps them alive in a world where no one can be trusted.

Aria is an innocent with her own secrets and the original lust and unfamiliar feelings Morthanion showed for her only heightened when she managed to outwit his first attempts to capture her. No shrinking violet, Aria has the chops to look danger in the eye, but what she found unraveled all of her beliefs in Morthanion’s legendary nature.

The change in and the vulnerability of Morthanion when it comes to Aria borders on sweet in a totally demonic way. How has Aria brought Morthanion to his knees? How can she trust him? Who will win her inner battle, her head or her heart?

Team Tiffany Roberts has a winner here, a tale with heat, passion and plotting that brings not only the characters, but their lives and surroundings to life. Can love change the very essence of beings who have only known hate? Guess you’ll need to read it to find out. Trust me, you’ll thank me for the suggestion and Tiffany Roberts for the creative and original tale!

I received this copy from Tiffany Roberts in exchange for my honest review.

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