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Make Me Hunger by Tiffany Roberts (Isle of the Forgotten, #2)

Make Me Hunger
by Tiffany Roberts

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Isle of the Forgotten - Book 2
Publication Date: October 3, 2016
Publisher: Tiffany Roberts
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 298 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

His village burned and people scattered, Baltherus’s dominance over the island has come to an end. All seems lost until a group of Justicars arrives with a violet-eyed elf who presents both a rare opportunity and an irresistible temptation.


Born of mixed blood, Amnestria Sylmae has spent her entire life trying to overcome her mother’s shame. After being taken into the High Mage’s confidence, she finally has a chance to prove her worth. But she never anticipated the emotion that awakens in her when she catches the eye of a demon.


After more than a century of banishment, Baltherus knows Amnestria is his only means of escape. With time working against him, he’ll have to betray his soul’s other half to claim his freedom — if she can be persuaded to see past her preconceptions and submit to him
Make Me Hunger by Tiffany Roberts
(Isle of the Forgotten, #2)

Make Me Hunger (Isle of the Forgotten, #2)He once dominated the island prison he is trapped on. He tried to make a place of refuge for everyone where no one had to fear, but hatred and the quest for power from his enemies brought his “village” to ruin in the smoke and ashes of fire. Baltherus is not a hero, but a demon determined to rule while offering a sense of security to others to maintain his control. And then he met Amnestria, an elven Justicar sent with a patrol to the island representing the law and the Council of Mages. And, as they say, he has met his match and then some! Amnestria represents a chance at freedom, but Baltherus discovers this woman represents more than physical freedom, she is the key to freeing his soul from the dark hell it has always known.

Amnestria is not without her own secrets or shame she never deserved and this should be her time to prove her worth, but evil and deceit lie in the ranks of the Justicar…and proving this could cost her her life.

Tiffany Roberts’ MAKE ME HUNGER is dark, intriguing and filled with the tension of hatred, deceit and growing love and trust. Can a demon turn over a new leaf? Can they become Yin and Yang to each other’s souls? Will the sins of the past be uncovered?

Team Tiffany Roberts has another fresh and riveting tale of the supernatural and the power of love, but will this have a happy ending for all? Must one submit to the other or will they find a trust that bonds them as partners? Great writing, anti-heroes, undervalued beings and twisted evil interference, what more could you want, except maybe some steam from the passion that is ignited!

I received this copy from Tiffany Roberts in exchange for my honest review.

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