Friday, November 18, 2016

Pierson by J. Kahele (The Meager Boys Story #1)

by J. Kahele

Series: The Meager Boys Story - Book 1
Publication Date: November 24, 2016
Publisher: J. Kahele
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 179 pages
Available from: Amazon
After his father's passing, Pierson Meager is left with much responsibility, undertaking the running of the family business and the fathering of his three younger brothers. For all the changes in his life, things are comfortable, uniform, and exactly how Pierson likes it—until an agreement with a stranger turns it upside down.

Susan Coyle is a driven woman, so when the position of Marketing CEO opens up at her company, she will do whatever it takes to land that job, even if it means cutting a deal with an absolute stranger. What Susan doesn’t realize is that this stranger will not only show her the real importance of life, but he will also unearth a tragic past she fought so hard to forget.

Pierson by J. Kahele (The Meager Boys Story #1) 

Pierson (The Meager Boys Story #1)Is it possible to have a love/hate/love relationship with a character? Definitely, especially when J. Kahele is the driving force behind the creation of PIERSON, a man who took on too much, too young and forgot to actually live his own life or forget the grief of the past.

Little did Pierson Meager know his life was about to get very real and very intense when he meets Susan Coyle in a case of mistaken identity. Let’s just say Susan is about to snag the promotion of a lifetime, except her boss has a rather “unenlightened” view of singles and although Susan is deserving of the position, she is NOT married. Desperate, she hires an escort to portray her fiancĂ© for dinner with the boss and his wife and naturally she has never seen the guy so mistakes the wealthy Pierson for her mystery man. Caught in a roguish mood, he doesn’t say a thing, but goes along for the carnival ride that this dinner will become! And as they say….the rest is history, humor, happiness, heartbreak and heat!

Susan is trying to make a new life, driven to succeed and desperate to forget the darkness of the past. When she learns that Pierson may not be her escort, but has an agenda of his own, they strike a deal to help each other out in the “fake romance” arena…yep, two adults, one faking it for a job, one faking it for his mother. Absolutely. Priceless.

J. Kahele has gone to new heights of literary greatness and originality as two people discover that Fate has its own little game to play and it concerns their pasts, their present and most likely their future! Are you looking for some romantic comedy in a heartfelt tale of two lost souls finding each other? Do you mind shedding a few tears for various reasons? Do you love when hearts are given the chance to heal? How about supporting characters that you just want to hug? It’s all right here in J. Kahele’s fabulous start to a new series, The Meager Boys.

One thing I learned while reading PIERSON, you never know where a lie will take you and NEVER mess with Fate where hearts are concerned!

I received an ARC edition from J. Kahele in exchange for my honest review.

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