Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Raven Song (Inoki's Game #1) by I.A. Ashcroft

Raven Song
by I.A. Ashcroft

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Inoki's Game - Book 1
Publisher: Pronoun (March 10, 2016)
Publication Date: March 10, 2016
Genre: Dystopian Fantasy
Print Length: 290 pages

A century ago, the world burned. Even now, though rebuilt and defiant, civilization is still choking on the ashes.

Anna’s life was under the sun, her future bright, her scientific work promising. She knew nothing of The Bombings, the poisoned world, or the occult. One day, she went to work, and the next, she awoke in a box over a hundred years in the future, screaming, fighting to breathe, and looking up into the eyes of a smuggler. Anna fears she’s gone crazy, unable to fill the massive hole in her memories, and terrified of the strange abilities she now possesses.

The Coalition government has turned its watchful eyes towards them. The secret factions of the city move to collect them first. And, old gods stir in the darkness, shifting their pawns on the playing field.

If Anna and Jackson wish to stay free, they must learn what they are and why they exist.

Unfortunately, even if they do, it may be too late. 
Raven Song (Inoki's Game #1) by I.A. Ashcroft

What happens when an author brings together elements from more than one genre? You are treated to a completely entertaining read like I.A. Ashcroft’s Raven Song, a little mysterious, a little magical, a little dystopian and filled with well-developed characters that share POVs in a world that is veiled in unanswered questions. The current world has been decimated by radiation, some people have gained the power of magic, others have not.

Anna is from a century prior and is tossed into a future Earth that has seen better times, but not lately. Jackson was an orphan, taken in by a successful businessman who taught him both business and honor in a world that is dark and foreboding, never mind the business involves smuggling!

They meet when Anna is discovered as the lone survivor of an attack at one of Jackson’s pick up points, and off we go! Forget receiving a complete show of the story background, prepare to receive tantalizing bits and pieces, not too different from what we really know about our own government and various groups as these two share their voices, their emotions and fears as they unveil their own layers throughout this tale. It seems both are being sought out by different groups, but what are they wanted for? Could it be Anna’s new abilities or knowledge that Jackson may have? Why is there a raven interspersed throughout? What is with the purple crayon messages?

Chaotic moments abound and near death experiences are left to the healing hands of the magical beings! Prepare to meet clever supporting characters that give a sense of humor, evil and balance that is both refreshing and magnetic. Conflict and tension run hot and is sure to peak your interest as each reader quests for answers! A great start to a new series that promises some craved for revelations.

I received this copy from I.A. Ashcroft in exchange for my honest review.


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