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The Blue Dagger and the Prince of Illumine by Thomas J. Lupo (The Saga of the Blue Dagger 1)

The Blue Dagger and the Prince of Illumine
by Thomas J. Lupo

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

Series: The Saga of the Blue Dagger - Book 1
Publisher: Itzajungle Publishing; 1 edition (September 23, 2015)
Publication Date: September 23, 2015
Genre: Epic Fantasy | Coming of Age
Print Length: 262 pages
Available from: Amazon

A great evil stalks the land. Peaceful villages and sleepy hamlets in the realm of Illumine are being massacred. In order to keep the peace, the King and his inept council claim it's just slavers and raiders pillaging for profit, but soon it's discovered that all of the men and women are killed and only the children are taken. No one knows where or why. When Prince Galatar demands to go on the quest to discover the culprit behind the bloodbath, the King refuses and confines him to the Palace. Galatar escapes, and armed only with the Blue Dagger, his family's famous blade, he becomes the leader of a band of motley misfits; Kurse, his falcon; Lianna, a feline with magical camouflage; Wart, a champion of the gladiator pits; Snotz, a monkey-like creature with an affinity for flatulence and other bodily functions; and Tala, a lady of a royal house with a fiery temper to match her ethereal beauty. The Wizard Zelephar follows in the wake of their misadventures as he realizes there's a connection between the Blue Dagger of Illumine and the ancient prophesy about the missing children and the evil scourge devouring the land.  

The Blue Dagger and the Prince of Illumine 
by Thomas J. Lupo 
(The Saga of the Blue Dagger 1) 

The Blue Dagger and the Prince of Illumine: Book one of The Blue Dagger (The Saga of the Blue Dagger 1)The people of Illumine are being massacred, their children kidnapped one village at a time. The King’s cover up is that slavers and thieves are stripping the towns of both life and property. But is there something more ominous afoot? Is it an ancient prophecy being fulfilled? Young Prince Galatar steals away on a quest to find the missing children and bring the villains to justice, armed only with his family’s legendary Blue Dagger and a belly full of determination, not aware he is another piece of the foretold prophecy.

Naïve to the machinations of the world, Galatar discovers there is more to the story than he has been told and life under the King is not what he thought it was. Gathering a ragtag group on his quest they become an unlikely band of warriors on a hunt to right the wrongs of the past and save his people from the present horrors they face.

Thomas J. Lupo’s the Blue Dagger and the Prince of the Illumine is a tale of adventure, coming of age and self-discoveries in a young prince who finally sees the world through clear eyes. Sprinkled with quirky characters, humorous moments, these young heroes are not your typical mighty warriors, but are a perfect team together! Follow Mr. Lupo’s tale as he builds a world full of varied and memorable beings while keeping things light and filled with adventure!

I received this copy from Thomas J. Lupo in exchange for my honest review.

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