Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Calling by T.L. Katt

The Calling
by T.L. Katt

My rating: 4 stars

ebook, 31 pages
Expected publication: November 23rd 2016 by Books by Elle, Inc.
Coming Soon!

All her life, the ocean has called out to Stephania. Under the direst circumstances, she finds herself escaping to the coast. Upon her arrival, she can’t escape the calling and finds herself climbing down the treacherous rocks to find what awaits her.

The Calling by T.L. Katt

The CallingIn a slightly different take on Beauty and the Beast, (IMHO) T.L. Katt slices off a quick tale of the paranormal and adds the spice of a slightly erotic fantasy. Stephania has a stalker and in fear she is drawn to the coast. But has her stalker followed her? What if he traps her and she has no way to escape? Have no fear, help is on the way, in the form of a terrifying dragon, but is that all it is? Is Stephania about to find secrets about herself and the life that awaits her?

THE CALLING is the perfect lunchtime tale, very short, and very good! Feeling chilled on a winter’s night? I guarantee you, the passion in this tale will warm you, through and through. I think T.L. Katt may be an author to watch for a touch of the paranormal with the sizzle of romance. (and I could definitely see a lot more story hiding in the shadows!)

I received this ARC edition from T.L. Katt in exchange for my honest review.

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