Monday, November 14, 2016

Trick or Death by Calvin Demmer

Trick or Death
by Calvin Demmer

My rating: 5 stars


Publication Date: October 28, 2016
Publisher: Calvin Demmer
Genre: Short - Horror
Print Length: 16 pages
Available from: Amazon
Halloween was the perfect time for Barry Steiner to put his plan into action. The only problem was not everyone in the neighborhood wanted to play his victim.
Trick or Death by Calvin Demmer

Trick or DeathWhat goes around, comes around and Halloween prankster Barry thought he was going to record the best tricks yet as he set out to terrorize senior citizens just to film their reactions. But what happens when someone refuses to be a victim? Is it Karma’s turn to play a trick on Barry?

I read this one twice, once to test the waters and once because I wanted to! Calvin Demmer has a talent for the short and not-so-sweet, but I guarantee it will be a memorable lesson to any pranksters out there who have ever thought of doing what Barry did! TRICK OR DEATH is another chiller that begs to be told around a campfire with a flashlight held under your face!

What Calvin Demmer does in just a few pages is nothing short of amazing, I met the characters, I decided whether I liked them or not and I grew a love/hate relationship with the ending, because when this author gets to the end, he wastes NO time dragging it out!!

I received this copy from Calvin Demmer in exchange for my honest review.

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