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Amstel Girl: Playing with Destiny by Marco Marek

Amstel Girl: Playing With Destiny
by Marco Marek

My rating:  3.5 stars

Publisher: Marco Marek (November 26, 2016)
Publication Date: November 26, 2016
Genre: Suspense
Print Length: 202 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

It's a quiet life in the Amsterdam's canals, but Wesley didn't know what to expect, just released from being unfairly locked away at Haan Psychiatric Hospital. He met Megan right after, a beautiful but quirky girl, and high-risk life lover.Together they will be involved in lots of intrigues, will they fall in love? And will Wes succeed in solving all the troubles these criminal have involved him?
 Amstel Girl: Playing with Destiny by Marco Marek

Amstel Girl: Playing With DestinyWesley has just been released from a psychiatric hospital, two years after being admitted. His life was full of medications and the feeling that he didn’t belong there and upon his release, he discovers the truth about the horrors of this institution and the experiments that were performed on patients.

It was a chance meeting when he met Megan, or was it? Beautiful, wealthy and with a funhouse of moods and personality, one never knew what to expect from her. When Wesley becomes involved in a clandestine operation for an unknown foreigner with endless pockets, Megan deems she will go along, risking both Wesley’s life, as well as her own with her brash and thieving ways. For Megan, this is fun and games, as she leads Wesley by his hormones, but there must be something Wesley is being blind to and who knows if he will find out.

Just when their mission is accomplished and Wesley feels things can go back to normal, he discovers that maybe things can never be normal again.

AMSTEL GIRL by Marco Marek has all the makings of an extremely intriguing read, filled with a breaking and entering, snakes, a car in pursuit, powerful men and the possibility of a budding romance, plus the excitement of suspense. Written in a gritty and edgy style, told from Wesley’s POV, his thoughts, what he sees and what he makes excuses for are like an open book. To me, he was lost in a world he was ill-prepared for, but his character is extremely likable.

Megan was a different story, her constant flipping of moods, her on again off again kindness or cruelty was completely off-putting. If anyone needed a psychiatric hospital, it was her. She came across as extremely narcissistic and seems to have too many answers to what they should do. I cannot imagine Wesley tolerating her treatment of him, but, hey, love can be different for everyone.

I enjoyed the story itself, but Megan was so distracting and so abrasive as a character, my enjoyment was minimized. I can say that maybe I was being too critical and will say that overall, there is a great story begging to be read.

I received this copy from Marco Marek in exchange for my honest review.

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