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Arabella: A Picture of Beauty by Phillip.D Curwood

Arabella: A Picture of Beauty
by Phillip D. Curwood

Publication Date: July 15, 2015
Publisher: Phillip D. Curwood
ISBN-10: 1515072592
ISBN-13: 978-1515072591
Genre: Paranormal Historical Romance
Print Length: 279 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Nathan Rothwell was a famous crime fiction writer back in the '80s, whose hedonistic lifestyle spiralled him into a near breakdown after the death of his parents. But his obsession for a beauty painted by John Constable, turns his life upside down, for he was about to discover a secret that inevitably sees him fall in love with her 200-year-old ghost; and their lives once more torn apart by vengeance, and murder.  

Arabella: A Picture of Beauty by Phillip.D Curwood

Is it possible to fall in love with a painting? It happened to writer Nathan Rothwell when he discovers the ghosts of the long dead residents of Lytefoot Hall are trapped between the veil of the eternal afterlife and the world of the living. It has been years since he first saw her and now he has come back to the ruins of a home filled with so many secrets to claim her once again.

Arabella was beautiful, a little winsome and married to a monster of a man. Her heart belonged to another and it was that love that brought the hounds of hell down on them that fateful night. Two hundred years later and her soul roams restlessly for the lover she lost. Who was her Theodore? Why does Nathan feel as if she is calling to him, a contemporary man struggling with losses and failures of his own? Why does he find comfort in a woman gone from this earth centuries before he was born?

Is it possible that love knows no limits-that not even time or death can separate two souls meant to be together?

Phillip D. Curwood’s ARABELLA: A PICTURE OF BEAUTY is a tale of soul-deep romance spanning time, set both in contemporary times and that of the past. Mr. Curwood has been true to both eras, carefully painting rich details in each scene with the atmosphere of the times from background details to speech mannerisms. There is an elegance to Phillip D. Curwood’s writing that flows like the colors of a rich tapestry, rarely if ever seen in tales of ghosts or love from beyond the veil. Hauntingly beautiful, terrifyingly chilling and ultimately simply amazing! Most assuredly NOT your typical ghost story!

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