Monday, December 5, 2016

Boss of the Whole Sixth Grade by Ann Herrick

Boss of the Whole Sixth Grade
by Ann Herrick

Publisher: Chaucer Publishing (November 16, 2016)
Publication Date: November 16, 2016
Genre: Middlegrade Reading | Coming of Age
Print Length: 160 pages
Available from: Amazon
Greta can't wait to be at the top of the grade-school heap--especially since she's dealing with loss at home. Her father's away in Antarctica, her mother's still angry with Greta's Dad for leaving, and Grampa's losing his memory.

But even sixth grade starts to feel like "life stinks." Greta discovers she's not in the same classroom with her best friend. New girl Kiki moves onto the scene and starts acting like the boss of the whole sixth grade. And the handsome new teacher seems way too interested in Greta's mother.

Greta agrees to be a candidate for class president only to stop Kiki from winning. She regrets accepting Kiki's bet that if Kiki wins the election, she gets to tell Greta what to do for the whole school year. It takes some inspiration from her school project about René Descartes and his "I think, therefore I am" beliefs to help Greta keep her sixth-grade experience from totally going down the toilet.

 Boss of the Whole Sixth Grade by Ann Herrick

Boss of the Whole Sixth GradeRemember the sixth grade? Some kids were developing, some were cursed with the first show of acne, but always, there are the cool kids, the cruel kids and the kids who nobody notices. Greta’s life mirrored so many children’s lives in contemporary times. She was living with one parent, her mom, having an elderly relative living with them, having to grow up a little too quickly in some ways, yet still treated like a little child in others.

When she becomes the target of clique cruelty and bullying, she is unexpectedly given the chance to spearhead change in her classroom and in the attitudes of her peers. No longer in the same homeroom as her best friend, Greta is forced to watch her friend spread her wings and grow, while she remains almost stagnant.

Her chance to grow and make a difference in her life comes in the form of the class president elections as she goes nose to nose with the queen of the school, head bully and all around nightmare. How will Greta run her campaign? What lessons will she learn about kindness and fair play? Will she take a page from how the “adults” run campaigns or will she retain honor and integrity while pandering for votes? Even her home life is about to flip upside down and she is being tossed about in a sea of confusion. She can control how she runs her campaign, but she is at the mercy of her parents where her life is concerned.

Written for middlegrade readers to relate to, Ann Herrick’s BOSS OF THE SIXTH GRADE is a journey told through the eyes and heart of a young girl with the skill set of one not yet mature enough to see through the eyes of an adult. Ann Herrick’s ability to create the voice of a child is amazing, as her tale builds into the true-to-life world faced by everyone today. A gem of a gift for younger readers, letting them know what they feel is felt by others, too no matter how “together” they seem.

I received this copy from Ann Herrick in exchange for my honest review.