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Elephant in the Room by Diana J. Febry

Elephant in the Room
by Diana J. Febry

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Wings ePress (January 18, 2013)
Publication Date: January 18, 2013
Genre: Mystery Thriller
Print Length: 380 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Penny Jackson is slowly re-building her life after the abrupt end of her marriage, when she falls in love with the charismatic hotelier, Robert Carver. When dark unspoken family secrets start to surface, Penny has to re-evaluate everything and rely on her own wits to stay alive

Elephant in the Room by Diana J. Febry

Elephant in the roomPenny needed a purpose and she found love after a devastating divorce and a period of total confusion and depression, but Robert was dying and Penny would do anything to make his final moments happy. Penny has been through the worst times of her life, betrayed, cheated on and finding she had given years of her life to her family only to realize that personally, she was like a blank sheet of paper.

Her friends worried that Penny was falling too hard, too fast and that losing Robert would send her over the deep end, again. When Robert asked her to find his missing stepdaughter, how could she not? What Penny didn’t expect was what she would discover once Sophie had been found or how deadly it could be.

Twisted family secrets, abuse and lies, are the backbone of Diana J. Febry’s ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM as Penny tries once again to do for others with no thought to herself. Get ready to ride the rollercoaster of suspense, mental and emotional abuse, and dysfunctional people leading dysfunctional lives. In the past lay dark and horrific deeds that will play with the minds of all involved and Diana J. Febry has set the scenes, turned up the shadows and turned down the lights in this dark and thrilling tale. Who, why and when are the big questions from the past…will they come to light because of Penny’s meddling? Will an unfinished job finally see its end?

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