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Enveloping Shadows by Lauren D.M. Smith

Enveloping Shadows
by Lauren D.M. Smith

My rating: 4 stars
Publisher: Carina Press (December 1, 2016)
Publication Date: December 5, 2016
Genre: Fantasy
Print Length: 150 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

A fierce and beautiful warrior.

A man of secrets and shadows.

Only together can they stop the awakening horror.

Rumors of monsters and dark magic are circulating through the court, but Terrwyn is little concerned. Her superb sword skills are all she needs to protect the princess Aricia—and as chief bodyguard, the princess’s safety is Terrwyn’s only mission.

Too late, she realizes her mistake: a stranger cloaked in darkness snatches the princess before Terrwyn can react.

When a handsome stranger emerges from the shadows to save her life, Terrwyn has little choice but to allow him to accompany her. Zelek, shrouded in secrecy and on a mission of his own, has special skills that Terrwyn needs.

Together the warrior and the shadow-whisperer forge a plan to rescue the princess, and find themselves plummeting not only headlong into evil, but into the depths of passion and love.

This book is approximately 52,000 words 

 Enveloping Shadows by Lauren D.M. Smith

Enveloping ShadowsEven the strongest and bravest can become insecure and unsure when faced with the unfamiliar feeling of love and attraction. As the personal bodyguard of the princess, and the head guard of the castle, Terrwyn has no equal. Strong, confident and sure of her skills, her feminine side has been forsaken to hone her battle prowess. When forced to attend a ball, dressed in a beautiful gown, Terrwyn is unsteady, from the inside out. When asked to dance by a charming and mysterious man, she finds her inner woman awakening and has no clue how to handle it.

Her confidence in herself as a protector is almost shattered when the princess is swallowed up by a dark shadow in front of her very eyes, as well as those of the entire court. Her mission has become one of finding the princess and she will need all of the help she can get. What she didn’t expect was her secret admirer from the ball to be at her side, ready to ride to the princess’ rescue. Zelek confuses her, as do the feelings that stir within, but is there time to explore the possibility of romance when the royal life is in danger? As a powerful shadow whisperer, Zelek is the perfect foil to Terrwyn’s warrior capabilities as they ride together toward the princess and love.

Short, full of magic, fantasy and romance, ENVELOPING SHADOWS by Lauren D. M. Smith isn’t a tale of fast adventure and high-powered action scenes. It is a tale of one young woman finally giving in to ALL that makes her who she is and embraces both her warrior and female side when her heart finds the man who can both understand and accept her as she is. Ms. Smith has created a sweet and blooming tale of first love, as well as a tale of rescue, because of course we need that hook of good versus evil.

A quick read that tells a beautiful story in a world far, far away! These characters are completely likable, with all of their flaws, and insecurities. Follow Lauren D. M. Smith into the world of dark shadows, magic and passion.

I received this copy from Lauren D.M. Smith in exchange for my honest review.

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