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Finding Our Way by Barbara L.B. Storey (Fate Chose Us, #3)

Finding Our Way
by Barbara L.B. Storey

Trilogy: Fate Chose Us - Book 3
Publication Date: December 15, 2016
Publisher: Barbara L.B. Storey
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 143 pages
Available from: Amazon

Life as a couple feels like nothing short of bliss for Becca and Jon at first. And when Becca finally takes a pregnancy test - sharing the experience with Jon over the phone, since he is away in France on a shoot - they are overjoyed at the results.  Plans and promises are made, and Jon can’t wait to get home and celebrate this big change in their lives; Becca’s only fear is facing the shock and disapproval that will certainly come from Jayani and Ruth.
But once again Fate takes over their lives – this time in a very cruel and tragic way.  Not even Jon’s father, Marc, can convince him that the loss he and Becca must endure is anything but a punishment for his carelessness.  And he cannot understand why Becca wants to break their good AND bad news all at once in a big family meeting.  But Becca knows they need time alone, to heal, and that won’t happen until everyone understands why they need to be by themselves. 
Afterwards, exhausted and happy they are finally alone, Becca quickly realizes something is very wrong.  Jon is careful not to touch her in any but the most innocent of ways, and when she presses him on the reason for this, he grudgingly tells her that he blames himself for their loss, and no longer feels he deserves her trust or her love.  As she recovers, Jon continues to maintain an emotional and physical distance that breaks Becca’s heart and comes close to damaging their bond. 
Becca knows that Jon putting her on a pedestal is going to ruin the best thing that has ever happened to either of them.  She forces her way through the walls he has put up between them, determined to heal the scars they have both suffered and find again that almost perfect physical passion they’ve known since their first night together.  One fateful, improbable weekend turned into a love neither of them ever expected to find, and she will not let that be destroyed.
Book Three of the Fate Chose Us series, Introducing Us, completes the story of Jon and Becca as they discover that everything will be all right, so long as they never let go of each other. 

Finding Our Way by Barbara L.B. Storey (Fate Chose Us, #3)

Finding Our Way (Fate Chose Us, #3)They have come so far, yet not everyone is happy that sweet and shy Becca and the movie industry’s heartthrob, Jon are in love. When they discover their intimate world of two is about to become and real family of three, Becca’s world becomes blissfully perfect, but…there are still the cynical skeptics to win over, Becca’s best friend, Jayani and Jon’s overbearing mother, Ruth. What will their reaction be to what should be a time of joy and love?

Then, it happened, a brutal and heartbreaking event that will leave both Becca and Jon broken. Now they must tell their families of both the pregnancy and their grievous loss. What will follow will be their time to heal, their time to share and hang on to each other for strength, or so Becca thought.

Jon is shattered and has taken on the burden of blame. Instead of realizing that Nature does things in its own way, Jon has decided he has done something wrong, that he has hurt the love of his life and pulls away, building his own prison of unshared pain. Could this be the end that some have predicted? Isn’t their love deep enough to weather the storm of loss? What doesn’t kill us should make us stronger, but Jon refuses to see the further pain he is causing Becca. Will love rescue them from the impending doom of their relationship?

Barbara L. B. Storey brings this trilogy of passionate love, created through Fate to a close with less sweetness and more painful reality. The atmosphere of FINDING OUR WAY is darker, more emotionally taxing and yet, still just as much of a beautiful love story as the previous books in this trilogy. Becca has gained strength and Jon finds his fame and fortune cannot buy him freedom from human agony. Ms. Storey has given more depth, more maturity and more drama to FINDING OUR WAY while keeping maintaining her heartfelt style of writing and her love for her characters front and center.

I received an ARC edition from Barbara L.B. Storey in exchange for my honest review.

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