Monday, December 5, 2016

"Ghosts" by Mary Patterson Thornburg

by Mary Patterson Thornburg

Publisher: Uncial Press (October 14, 2016)
Publication Date: October 14, 2016
Genre: Fantasy | Ghosts
Print Length: 28 pages
Available from: Amazon
 A couple has planned a Hallowe’en party for their almost-teen-aged daughter, and when the girl’s father is unable to attend her mother enlists a friend to help. Help turns out to be much needed, for when Rowan appears in costume her mother is shocked and angry. Complications ensue, including a spat between Rowan and her best friend, a trip to the emergency room, and an unsettling discovery about one of the guests.

 "Ghosts" by Mary Patterson Thornburg

Being the parent of a teen isn’t always easy, one minute Rowan was a little girl, excited about her Halloween party, the next she is a young teen trying so hard to spread her wings with a costume far beyond her age. Even with the help of an older and dear friend, her mother worries over the change in her daughter, from an open book to a child keeping secrets and making small, defiant steps toward freedom and her version of adulthood.

Mary Patterson Thornburg’s very short tale, GHOSTS is a tale of family, friends, love and even the mysterious events that can happen on Halloween night, including taking a second look at how we interact with those we love and how open we are to what they say and feel!

Far from a scary ghost story, the only spirit in this tale brought the spirit of love, acceptance and patience.

I received this copy from Mary Patterson Thornburg in exchange for my honest review.

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