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Hart of His by Annie Arcane (Hart, #2)

Hart of His
by Annie Arcane

Series: Hart - Book 2
Publisher: Annie Arcane (November 21, 2016)
Publication Date: November 21, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 92 pages
Available from: Amazon
It's been two months since I moved in with Mickey Hart.

Here's what I've learned:

1. 523 square feet is really f*cking small.
2. Sharing a bathroom is the worst idea ever. Especially when you're a damn paraplegic.
3. Never lie. No matter what.

Oh, and one last thing...

I love her. More than ever.

Even if I'm still a workaholic. And stubborn as all hell.

Warning: This book is a novella. The remainder of this series will be novellas. And Cale still has a potty mouth. So, yeah.

 Hart of His by Annie Arcane (Hart, #2)

Hart of His (Hart #2)I felt like I was shot through the heart and author Annie Arcane is to blame as she tells a frustratingly beautiful and sweet tale of what real love is, warts and all. Cale is a workaholic, a man with a heart of gold and list of frustrations a mile long. He is a paraplegic, but he loves with all he has, to the point of pushing away the one woman he cannot live without. Oh, and he might just be a little bit of a pig-headed man-child, too.

Mickey is a force to be reckoned with. Sure, she has flaws, but her nearly limitless compassion, patience and love for Cale is simply heart-melting and rivaling with the saints…okay, maybe she isn’t quite ready for sainthood, but still…

Clearly, Annie Arcane is not afraid to turn the world of contemporary romance on its ears as she steps onto another path less followed as she takes one man damaged emotionally and physically and shakes him up with the unconditional love of a very strong woman who refuses to give up on who and what her heart sees when Cale is around. Ms. Arcane’s frank handling of some of the issues surrounding life as a paraplegic and being wheelchair bound is extremely well done, especially when told from Cale’s viewpoint. I was so invested I wanted to put them both in a time out until they could say I’m sorry and I love you!

A chaotic jumble of love, tension need with a dash of reality tossed in! I was enraptured by HART OF HIS from the first page to the last, because this is what love is all about, the good, the bad and the walls that are broken down.

I received this copy from Annie Arcane in exchange for my honest review!

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