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Love Lucky by Van Quattro

Love Lucky
by Van Quattro

My Rating: 3.5 Stars
Publisher: Van Quattro; 1 edition (August 31, 2016)
Publication Date: August 31, 2016
Genre: Auto-Biography
Print Length: 204 pages
Available from: Amazon
I had a restless heart, a nasty desire to be loved, a wandering spirit and had barely been out of Glendale. London called in the form of a pretty girl and I followed. I stumbled around one of the greatest cities in the world for a year and a half. Stoned and full of wonder I found people and places that would be far beyond anything I could dream or conjure. It's an experience that shaped who I am today. It's about a strong sense of wanting more for my life with a bunch of LUCK

Love Lucky by Van Quattro

Love LuckyVan Quattro lays a slice of his life bare to the world depicting a man needing to be loved and to love as he looks in all the wrong places. LOVE LUCKY tells the story of a younger Van living the shallow lifestyle many did in the eighties. Raw, gritty and often harsh, one young man who wants to make it big in the entertainment industry follows his stoned heart to London from the plastic world of LA. Riddled with drugs, the allure of London and its seamier side offers free love and no true commitments that are the norm and fame and fortune is just beyond reach. Has he just become one of many to fall for another fairy tale?

It is the free spirited and open do-as-you-wish atmosphere that brings a gleam to Van’s eyes. Being able to rub elbows or share a high with movers and shakers gives Van a feeling of belonging to an elite group, even if it is on the peripheral edges. Although Van seems to have experienced a failure to thrive, his life is a tale that almost seems contrived, and yet is perfectly believable. With a smattering of humor, a lot of pain and possibly finding the love of a real woman, will Van finally straighten up and become the man he was meant to be or will he continue to try to blot out his failures and insecurities through alcohol and drugs?

I applaud Van Quattro for his bold writing and complete exposure of a life temporarily derailed, but I did find the excessive use of profanity, even when it appears he is looking back to be off-putting. I am sure the flavor of his tale would not have lost. It also struck me that those who embraced the lifestyle in the eighties, although actually few in numbers, have become the best-known quirk of the era! I can honestly say there is much to appreciate in this tale, and my opinion is just that. For those who are students of that time, this has all the atmosphere of a lifestyle on the edge.

I received this copy from Van Quattro in exchange for my honest review.

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