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Make Me Whole by Tiffany Roberts (Isle of the Forgotten, #2.5)

Make Me Whole (Isle of the Forgotten, #2.5)
Make Me Whole
by Tiffany Roberts

Series: Isle of the Forgotten - Book 2.5
Expected Release January, 2017

Consumed by guilt, Quildor Vinson returns to the Mage Tower and questions his place. He saw the signs of instability in his commander; could he have prevented the betrayal that nearly killed his comrades? When the High Mage mentions strange reports near the village of Quildor’s birth, he sees a chance to take action and volunteers immediately to investigate. Though he hasn’t set foot in the village for eighteen years, he has never forgotten Wren, the girl who claimed his heart when he was young. If the only woman he’s ever loved is in danger, Quildor knows he cannot remain idle. Even if it means disregarding the High Mage’s orders.


 Make Me Whole by Tiffany Roberts

Make Me Whole (Isle of the Forgotten, #2.5)When it comes to a series, while I love a fast pace and tons of action, I also enjoy a break from the physical chaos, and to wade into the emotional action that, while slower-paced can be just as riveting, if not more and truly invites readers to get to know the inner characters’ essence. A young love from long ago beckons a fierce and powerful mage to her rescue as he finds that the town he grew up in has been devastated by a mysterious and deadly disease.

Quildor’s own turmoil causes him to volunteer to return to his past in search of the woman who stole his heart. It’s been eighteen years, but Wren is still the same caring person she was. Having matured has made her even stronger, a force to be reckoned with and her compassion for the dying within her city leaves her no choice but to fight for their right to be treated, cared for and to die with some semblance of dignity.

Is this a simple disease or is there something evil lurking in the shadows? Only Quildor’s strength a as mage can find the answers, even as his heart has finally found its home, but will Wren and Quildor have a future? What lies ahead if black magic is being used so freely?

What I found was another well-written tale that expands on the series by widening the boundaries, and leaving as many questions as answers. For me, this is a wonderful hook into the next addition to this intense series filled with magic, mayhem and the never-ending battle between good and evil for survival.

I received this ARC edition from Tiffany Roberts in exchange for my honest review.

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