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Making Changes by Mary Grand

Making Changes:
Four women, four new captivating short stories 
by Mary Grand

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: November 7, 2016
Publisher: Mary Grand
Genre: Women's Fiction | Short Story Collection
Print Length: 126 pages
Available from: Amazon

A wonderful new collection of four captivating short stories by Mary Grand, author of best selling anthology ‘Catching the Light’, including a special Christmas story, ‘Holly’s Perfect Christmas?’
Four stories, four women making changes that will alter their lives for ever.

Holly’s Perfect Christmas?
Holly plans her dream Christmas at an idyllic cottage in Snowdonia. However her partner’s difficult teenage daughter, ex-wife and new husband join them and then the spiteful anonymous texts start to arrive. Can Holly still have her perfect Christmas?

Give and Take
Days before her wedding, hairdresser Lisa has a huge row with her fiancĂ©. He tells her she is over-reacting, so why does Lisa feel devastated? As Lisa listens to the two sides of a couple’s marital problems in the salon, she begins to find answers.

The Key
Looking at the remains of the fire in her beautiful new kitchen, Ruth is very frightened and confused. Since moving with her new husband to Worthing nothing in her life makes sense. What is happening to her?

The Right Shoes
After a devastating family tragedy, Emma moved with her minister husband and daughter to the run down seaside resort of Ruxton. She refuses to talk to anyone about it: no-one will understand. Can a new friendship and a new puppy help Emma and her family heal and make a fresh start?

Praise for Mary Grand’s short story writing
Catching the Light : ‘Delightful collection of short stories, beautifully-written and with interesting plots’

Hidden Chapters
Also included in Making Changes is an excerpt from the author’s latest full length novel, Hidden Chapters.

Haunted by the death of Aled at Worm’s Head, his sister Catrin returns to prepare the family home for sale, accompanied by her adopted Deaf daughter, Bethan. A web of lies and secrets spun by Catrin’s father slowly starts to unravel. Catrin, facing a crisis in her marriage, discovers that she must face this past if she is to heal and take control of her future. 

 Making Changes by Mary Grand
Making Changes: Four women, four new captivating short storiesLife is full of changes, some we must decide to make for ourselves and some are a part of life. Mary Grand has put together four short stories about changes in four women’s lives. Each is a brief, yet heartfelt tale that comes to life and many may find they can identify with the emotions these women face. Read them together or one tale at a time, as a brief escape into a world that we may not agree with the actions or reactions, but can understand when seen through the eyes and hearts of the characters involved. Welcome to MAKING CHANGES by Mary Grand.

Holly’s Perfect Christmas?

What could fill one’s heart with the spirit of the season than a getaway with the one you love, alone in a secluded winter cabin? Holly had it all planned out until her partner actually asked her if they could bring along his ex-wife, teenage daughter and the new hubby. Yes, really…what ensues is not necessarily a dream Christmas, but maybe somewhere in all the turmoil, it will be a Christmas to remember.

Give and Take

Hairdressers hear all kinds of things. For soon-to-be married Lisa, overhearing one couple’s marital problems from both sides, she realizes that the argument she had with her fiancĂ© becomes a little clearer to understand. Is it a case of men are from mars and women are from Venus or is it something more?

The Key

Ruth should be on cloud nine, she has a new husband and a newly designed kitchen, but when the kitchen goes up in flames, she feels her grasp on her life has been torched with it. Is there something wrong with her or is it more than that? What is she doing to her new life or what is she letting it do to her?

The Right Shoes

When Emma’s family moved to Ruxton, a rundown seaside town, old memories and pain come flaring to life and between the sudden change in lifestyle, the complaints of her daughter, she finds herself isolating her pain by avoiding the townsfolk and their “earthy and simple” ways. What she discovers is that maybe it was she who had the problems and those around her were waiting until she allowed them to welcome her into their fold.

Hidden Chapters
This is an excerpt from a full length novel with just enough intrigue and emotional chaos to hook readers into wanting more as one woman returns home to a painful past and must finally face all she has buried.

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