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Nights Arose by Andrea Roche

Nights Arose
by Andrea Roche

Publisher: Solstice Publishing - Winter Solstice Imprint (November 28, 2016)
Publication Date: November 28, 2016
Genre: Fantasy
Print Length: 193 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
In a time and place where women are bred to be lambs, Arose has the soul of a tigress.
It is 1693 on the isle of Jamaica, twenty-one-year-old Arose Du Mouchelle is the mixed-race heir to a sprawling sugar plantation. From an old gypsy, she receives a matriarchal heirloom: the Gem of the Red Spirit. She spends years in exile, learning its secrets and mysteries, the most important of which is the ability to enter the Astral Plane. In exchange for her powers, Arose must act as the sentry between this dimension and her world, forcing back the creatures held captive there. Morel, a voodoo Priestess, covets the Gem. Taking hostage Arose’s family and the port town, she attempts to force Arose to give up the powerful amulet. Morel’s plan is to rule over the evil creatures imprisoned in the Astral Plane, unleashing them upon the rest of humanity. While evading Morel’s henchmen, Arose collides with Captain St. James a notorious pirate, whom she has already met in a vision. Leary of him at first, he gains her trust after he aids in her escape. She is knocked unconscious and wakes to find she has been had—both he and the opal are gone. However, even if she recovers the opal, she’ll have a bigger decision to make: keep the opal and doom her family, or give it to Morel and let the world fall into a demonic wasteland.

Nights Arose by Andrea Roche

Nights AroseJamaica, the late seventeenth century, a tropical island surrounded by beautiful waters and tropical breezes. It is also the land of vast sugar plantations owned by wealthy outsiders and farmed by Jamaicans. Women are not equals and are like clay waiting to be molded to do a man’s bidding. Few are like the fiery and headstrong Arose, of mixed heritage and heir to a large sugar plantation. When an old gypsy gives Arose the Gem of the Red Spirit, she must spend years learning its secrets and powers to become the sentry between the Astral Plane and the human world.

When an evil voodoo priestess attempts to take force Arose to give up the amulet she is sworn to protect, Arose must choose between family, community and the gift handed down to her to protect with her life. When it is stolen by a pirate, Arose discovers that he may have stolen her heart, as well. The fate of the world lies in her decision, retrieve and retain the opal or give it up to save those she loves. Can she allow the darkness of the demons from hell to rule the world? Will she stand alone in her quest?

NIGHTS AROSE by Andrea Roche is filled with the mysteries of Voodoo, other planes of existence and the eternal struggle between good and evil! This is non-stop intrigue from start to finish, as one young woman matures and assumes the responsibilities handed down through generations. Mystical magic, powerful gypsy predictions and visions of events yet to unfold will show Arose only enough to help her see what she is up against. In the end, it will be Arose’s decision to do her duty as a sentry or follow her heart, plunging humanity into dark and dangerous times. With an atmosphere of an era long past, Arose will need the strength to stand against the laws of the times and to embrace the power of the Fire Opal into her very soul.

If you are looking for a read with a veil of magic, both light and dark, the premise of other planes of existence and a heroine ahead of her time, diving headlong into the unknown, Andrea Roche has brought her own gem to the reading table that is sure to capture the imaginations of readers everywhere!

I received this copy from Andrea Roche in exchange for an honest and voluntary review.

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