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Pink Moon by Tonya Coffey (New World - Book 3)

Pink Moon
by Tonya Coffey

Series: A New World - Book 3
Publication Date: November 24, 2016
Publisher: Tonya Coffey
Genre: Teen/YA Fantasy
Print Length: 217 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Cast from her home, Jessa struggles to find a place among the realms. With the loss of power, her premonitions are vague and tormenting. However with Micha at her side, she has hope for the future.
Micha has found his stride as the Ancient King. Nevertheless, the Shadows refuse to allow a Faerie sit on the Ancient's throne, keeping them apart.
Instead of fighting against the Shadows, he focuses his rage on the one who stole Jessa's powers, a hidden heir herself. When he thinks he has everything under control, he is pulled into a dire situation that will force Jessa's hand.
Accepting what needs to be done, Jessa takes a risk to save Micha - a choice that may be her last. Who will be standing when the smoke clears?

Pink Moon by Tonya Coffey (New World - Book 3)

Pink Moon (A New World #3)Is there nowhere in the realms that will accept the love that Micha and Jessa share? Is there no one to champion their plight? Her powers are gone, but premonitions still ravage her heart and mind and what she sees terrifies her. Jessa is caught between the love she has for Micha and the one thing she may have to do to insure his life will go on.

Micha is learning to hone his ability to be the Ancient King, but a King needs a Queen and the Shadows have denied him his heart’s desire. They refuse to accept having a Fairie fouling their ancient throne. But how can he marry another when his heart belongs to Jessa? Will Micha become a victim of deceit and the wicked machinations of a power hungry man and his equally selfish daughter? He has no time for games as he focuses his ire on the fact that his Jesse is a hidden royal, herself and the one who stole her powers is determined to trap her within their grasp.

Tonya Coffey’s PINK MOON is intense and emotionally driven as sharing love with each other is becoming a distant prize once again stolen from within Micha and Jessa’s grasp. What would you do for love? Who would you fight to save the one you love? What are you willing to give up for love? These are the questions that pummel both Micha and Jessa and both are willing to make the greatest sacrifice of all. Fierce love, fierce opponents, treachery and two souls meant to be together against worlds that would deny them with ease. Who says fantasy is all sunshine and hearts? There is grit, pain and an excellent storyteller in Tonya Coffey who brings her world to life, while opening the doors to our imaginations. I read to live another magical life with characters like these, I want to be entertained and Tonya Coffey has definitely entertained me with her words.

I received this copy from Tonya Coffey in exchange for my honest review.

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