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Profiling Nathan by Lyn Horner (Romancing the Guardians, #5)

Profiling Nathan
by Lyn Horner

Series: Romancing the Guardians - Book 5
Publisher: Lyn Horner; 1 edition (October 24, 2016)
Publication Date: October 24, 2016
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 144 pages
Available from: Amazon
Nathan Maguire is a Guardian of Danu, and he possesses a deadly psychic gift. He also has a checkered past. As a young man, he spent time in prison, where he learned the rudiments of tattooing, a skill he has built into a successful business in Tampa, Florida. He’s content with his life – until a beautiful FBI profiler walks into his shop.

Talia Werner has come to deliver an urgent message from one of the other Guardians. The trouble is no one outside that select group is supposed to know they exist. Nate doesn’t believe Talia and suspects she is up to no-good. Meanwhile, she finds out a woman was brutally murdered not far from Nate’s shop. This is the third such killing in the past two months. A serial killer is loose in Tampa.

Working with the police, Talia discovers all three of the victims bore a blue butterfly tattoo, one of Nate’s designs. Suspicion falls on him but quickly points to other tattoo artists. Enlisting his aid in meeting and interviewing them, Talia develops a growing attraction to the man, who isn’t at all what he seems to be on the surface. Nate returns her feelings and their relationship heats up.

However, the killer is still on the hunt, and he knows Talia is after him. Will the stubborn woman accept Nate’s protection or will she be the murderer’s next victim?

 Profiling Nathan by Lyn Horner
(Romancing the Guardians, #5)

Profiling Nathan (Romancing the Guardians, #5)When a beautiful FBI agent delivers a cryptic message to a talented tattoo artist, two lives will be forever changed. Nathan has a secret, he is a Guardian of Danu, who has had a touch life, but has settled in as a tattoo shop owner and gifted artist in sunny Tampa.

Talia is doing a favor for another agent, delivering an urgent message to Nathan. The Guardians are a secret group, so how could Talia be on the up and up? Nathan possesses a deadly psychic gift and his group needs him, but can he trust this isn’t a trap? While waiting for the handsome tattoo artist to double-check her veracity, Talia learns of a killer on the loose in Tampa and the victims all bear one of Nathan’s tattoos.

Could Nathan be a killer or are these women targeted for knowing him? He’s never met anyone like Talia, beautiful, brilliant and deadly on the outside, but soft and sometimes not so tough on the inside. In spite of their less than perfect meeting, Talia finds the rough looking man has more going for him than rugged good looks. Where there is smoke, there is fire and these two are ready to fan the flames of passion and desire.

PROFILING NATHAN by Lyn Horner is another tantalizing tale of a special group of guardians who protect some of history’s greatest secrets as another Guardian finds that missing link in their life that only love can fill! Ms. Horner uses only the lightest touch of the paranormal, but it is just the perfect amount to add that special flavor to her tale of romance, intrigue and suspense. Two likable characters, warm moments stolen throughout, a deadly and twisted killer and the magic of love, it’s all in here!

I received this copy from Lyn Horner in exchange for my honest review.

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