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Ruined Wings by Ashley Fontainne

Ruined Wings
by Ashley Fontainne

Publisher: RMSW Press (December 12, 2016)
Publication Date: December 12, 2016
Genre: Addiction | Coming of Age
Print Length: 106 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Seventeen-year-old Callie Novak is on the cusp of changing her life as she warms up for the final heat in the Women's 1600 meter track and field competition. While she sets a new state record, her family's worse nightmare is just beginning.

When tragedy strikes the Novak family every reader will feel the pain of grief, the perils of drug abuse, the despair that leads to a shocking downward spiral and the strength that's needed to overcome addiction.

Ruined Wings by Ashley Fontainne

Ruined WingsWhat leads a young woman with a brilliant future down into the sewers of life, drug addiction and complete lack of self-respect? Is it possible that one hellish tragedy can rob a strong and dedicated person of the drive to excel and succeed, to reach for the stars and become a lost soul, trapped in the very Hell that her twin had lived in?

Callie was athletic, gifted with a determination to be the best on the track, to win a scholarship and beat her own records. When the biggest race of her life was only minutes away, she had a “feeling.” Something was terribly wrong, something that concerned her twin brother, but she shook it off to run the best race of her life only to learn that would be the last moment of joy she would allow herself to feel.

Drugs had killed her father and brother and Callie was too weak to go on, honoring their lives through her achievements. Instead, she let her nightmares guide her on a dark path of revenge, a path with its jagged edges and searing flames of despair and her own drug abuse. Callie lost her dignity, her vest for life and the one boy who had stood by her until he couldn’t do it anymore. Even a possible jail term didn’t stop her spiral into further drug abuse, not even when the stress of the trial she ran from took her mother’s life. Only a miracle can save her now as she barrels to her own death at the end of a needle.

RUINED WINGS by Ashley Fontainne is a brutally frank tale of the horrors of drug abuse, the addiction to poisons that rob a person of their humanity, their health and their very lives. Ms. Fontainne forces us to witness Callie’s decline, demonstrating that no one is safe from the septic pull of drugs and the monsters who push them. Callie’s portrayal is one of pure heartbreak, as we watch, helpless to stop her on her personal journey to self-destruction.

Prepare to rail against the events in this dark and gritty tale. Prepare to know you cannot help Callie, no matter how much you want to.

This book belongs in the hands of every teen, every parent and should be required reading in the school curriculum. This isn’t a fluff read, nor is it an over-dramatization of the fall into addiction. No one plans to become addicted, everyone thinks they are stronger than that, but it isn’t true and Ashley Fontainne has given all readers an ugly, insider’s look at the rippling effects of one person’s downfall and their attempts to stop before they hit the bottom in death.

I cannot profess the gratitude I feel to Ashley Fontainne for her heartfelt work and for offering me an opportunity to read and review RUINED WINGS. Looking for the gift of reading for someone you love? This is it.

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