Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Boston Ranter by Layden Robinson

The Boston Ranter
Slanted Vignettes from a Native New Englander
by Layden Robinson

My rating: 3 stars

Publication Date: January 6, 2015
Publisher: Layden Robinson
Genre: Memoirs | Satire
Print Length: 85 pages
Available from: Amazon

This autobiographical novella was inspired by my life growing up outside of Boston. Comedic, dramatic and quite revealing; this latest title will truly show why I am the raving lunatic I am today.
The Boston Ranter by Layden Robinson
The Boston Ranter: Slanted Vignettes from a Native New EnglanderWell, I didn’t see this one coming…or was it going? Layden Robinson has his own sense of style and he runs with it! A little twisted, a little humorous, I have to give him credit for bringing the demographic language to life! Not sure he stood a chance at normalcy once reading about his home life, or his perception of it growing up. There is a roundabout way of relating this tale that seems to bounce around as thoughts come to the author’s head. So long as these sharp curves and swerves aren’t done on an icy road, I think it’s safe to say, many will find a warped sense of humor that is entertaining, yet sometimes sad. All in all, another read for a certain niche who will definitely find it entertaining in a sarcastic kind of way. This one totally lives up to its name, THE BOSTON RANTER. No wonder he had his mouth washed out with soap!

I received this copy from Layden Robinson in exchange for my honest review.

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