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The Fight for Dirt by C.C. Hogan (Dirt #3, Series 1)

The Fight for Dirt
by C.C. Hogan

Series: Dirt - Book 3, Series 1
Publication Date: October 26, 2015
Publisher: C.C. Hogan
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Print Length: 411 pages
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A Tale of dragons, freedom and the search for a home

The war is spreading.

As Tekkinmod and Henry tear each other apart in the Northern States, Pree realises that it is vital to cut off Tekkinmod's money and steel supply by taking the war to Wessen in the North of Bind.

But as the outcome of the war looks less and less certain, something terrible is happening to the dragons and Weasel and Mistry must dig into ancient histories to find a solution.

The dramatic conclusion to the first series of Dirt tests the friends as they have to suffer the true heart-breaking cost of war and fight to the bitter end to create a new future for the tired world of Dirt.

"You have seen more decline recently?"
"We have lost two to illness that we do not understand. It was three years ago and quite sudden. They lost much of their colouring and grew weak and then the breath left them. We have not seen such a thing before nor since, for which I am thankful."
"How old were they, if I may ask?"
"One was but forty and the other in their third century. They had no other illness nor were they bitten or affected by accident."
"You say they lost their colour?"
"Why is unknown to us, but they became grey in patches and their skin was dry and lifeless. Eafa, they looked much like ghosts."

 The Fight for Dirt by C.C. Hogan (Dirt #3, Series 1)

The Fight for Dirt (Dirt Series 1, #3)No matter the final outcome of any war, there will be pain, loss and suffering on all sides. The war with Tekkinmod is spreading, becoming more vicious, more deadly and he must be stopped as the Northern States are being trampled and drowned in their own blood and torment. Something must be done and Pree has the answer. As the face that compels her army, a plan has been devised that is nothing short of either brilliant or suicidal.

Meanwhile, the dragons are front and center in the war strategies and without them there would be no resistance. The bond between humans and dragons is real, and it is the dragon contingent that provides moments of calm and sane thinking.

Farthing is an accidental leader, far more comfortable moving dirt, he finds he is a novice in the battle theatre, but after he became a legend who braved all to save his kidnapped sister, he became the strength that his people draw from. Between Farthing and Pree, they represent all that is good, all that the world should be, but their bond is being stretched to the limit as they are separated by distance, battles and time.

After depending so strongly on the dragons, their greatest allies are falling in vast numbers, not only from war, but a mystery illness that weakens and kills them quickly, almost as if their life force and vibrancy is being draw out of them, one painful breath at a time. Have they fallen victim to their own kindness? Are they the victims of foul play or is there something in their past that can explain and cure our heroes? Only the determination of Mystry and a quirky magician to discover hidden writings that tell of this disease will there be a chance to save all dragons from perishing from the face of the land. Both the battlefields of war and the battlefields of the infirmaries rage on as the death toll rises.

C.C. Hogan’s THE FIGHT FOR DIRT isn’t just a well-crafted fantasy that comes to life and blurs the lines of reality. Tucked within each page is intrigue, friendship, danger, loyalty and love. There is also the pain of death, the fear of failure and the pressures of leadership. As I read, I found I had a hard time distinguishing between the dragons and the humans, NOT in a bad way, but because their characters are so alive and so well-drawn! I did have a few gasp-worthy moments, one that brought tears of disbelief to my eyes, so rest assured, C.C. Hogan knows what he is doing as a creator of the world of Dirt. Highly recommended, this is a cut above many fantasies !

I received this copy from C.C. Hogan in exchange for my honest review.