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The Furies' Bog (The Silent Gene, #1) by Deborah Jackson

The Furies' Bog
by Deborah Jackson

My rating: 4 stars

Series: The Silent Gene - Book 1
Publisher: Deborah Jackson (October 1, 2016)
Publication Date: October 1, 2016
Genre: Science Fiction
Print Length: 498 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
A bog may be Earth’s undoing, but it will be a gift to Mars.

Digging up bog bodies and analyzing corpses are the last things archaeology graduate student Felicity Cratchett wants to do. And when unusual mummies are discovered in the subpolar region of Polar Bear Provincial Park, it’s the last place she wants to go. But since her faculty advisor insists that she log more hours in fieldwork, she has little choice. In a remote bog with a small team of scientists, Felicity unearths the greatest secret of our time—a secret with ties to ancient Rome, roots in Botswana, and a link to the first people to exercise abstract thought. This revelation will challenge the conventional theory of human origins and human evolution.

Meanwhile, astronaut Lucas Wilson, a man tormented with a deep-seated anger, is terraforming Mars. He reluctantly descends to the Red Planet’s surface with his fellow astronauts, preparing to direct their exploration. Mars, in its birth pangs, will challenge every step he takes, with gas explosions and raging rivers, with damaged fuel processors and limited oxygen supplies. In the midst of these disasters, Lucas must keep his companions from discovering a feat of genetic engineering that will transform Mars like nothing has in over a billion years. The double helix of this masterwork twists all the way back to Earth and Felicity’s mummies. But if he fails, Lucas must decide whether to take up Mars’s sword, or to cast the weapon into a bog.

  The Furies' Bog (The Silent Gene, #1) by Deborah Jackson

The Furies' Bog (The Silent Gene, #1)Two different tales playing out on two different worlds, connected by history, science and the greatest secret ever kept from mankind. THE FURIES’ BOG by Deborah Jackson is a well-written, extremely detailed tale of the connection between Earth and Mars, humanity and the mysteries of life locked away in seemingly unrelated places.

Felicity Cratchett hadn’t asked to be in on one of the most incredible finds in the history of man, but she was as she discovers mummies that will link the subpolar regions of a Canadian park to ancient Rome and even Botswana. Have we always misunderstood the evolution of man? Where did we come from? Are these bogs remnants of the primordial soup we hear of or are they the missing link to the truth of life?

Millions of miles away, three astronauts are on Mars, nursing it’s “terraforming” stage. Life is being cultivated. The atmosphere of Mars is still too toxic to support life, but now transplanted algae and plants are being grown, sending their expelled oxygen into the air. Buried deep within a cave are survival supplies, and so much more. Lucas Wilson knows the secrets this hidden lair holds and he is about to share it with his unsuspecting companions. But what will the consequences be?
What Felicity has found and what Lucas knows provides the direct connection between the eons of the past and survival for the future. Genetics will play the starring role and the surprises are the advancements made. Is the world ready to know the truth? Or will Mars become the evolutionary miracle of the ages?

Deborah Jackson has created the true science fiction lover’s dream. No little green men, no three-fingered aliens devouring all that lives on Earth. Instead, there is a fictional scientific take that addresses the eternal questions of the galaxy and if we are truly alone! Are we the copycats or the original lifeforms? Would the birth of Mars as a viable planet mean the death of Earth? Ms. Jackson has done an amazing job at presenting her tale, fleshing it out with human frailties, mysteries and relationships. If you even have one ounce of an interest in science fiction-type reading, this is a wonderful way to exercise that interest!

I received this copy from Deborah Jackson in exchange for my honest review.

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