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The Grand Prize Winner in Eva Gordon's Chernobyl Werewolf Giveaway is:

Lev is a mysterious Russian Werewolf & Rachel could be his mate

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Chernobyl Werewolf 
*Series Name: Team Greywolf and Book 2
*Book Author: Eva Gordon
*Release Date: November 18, 2016
*Publisher: Eva Gordon
*Link to publisher's page: http://www.ravenauthor.com
*Genre: Paranormal romance/suspense
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Doctors Without Borders, Rachel Becker, M.D. survives Ebola and near death at the hands of Boker Haram terrorists. While recovering at her estranged father’s home, she meets Lev, a mysterious handsome Russian. Their chemistry is immediate—sizzling. Who is this sexy man? And why is her father upset by his visit?

Lev Volkov, born near Chernobyl, is a powerful mutant werewolf. Team Greywolf’s lethal weapon. Lev visits Dr. Howard Becker and meets his beautiful daughter. Rachel is Howard’s secret. A woman with the Stallo genetic marker, a human with desirable yet addictive blood. Forbidden. Nonetheless, his wolf fights to claim her.When a rogue pack tries to kidnap Rachel, Lev will stop at nothing to kill them all. But the oath breaking werewolves make things much harder. Will he save Rachel - his mate - in time or will he lose everything?

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Other books by Eva Gordon
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Eva Gordon writes genre bending paranormal/fantasy/steampunk and historical novels with a strong romantic element. She loves to create stories that combine her passion for mythology, steamy romance, and action/suspense. Her imagination takes her from one universe to the next. Thus far, she has several series lined up as well as single titles waiting in line for production.
Eva has a BS in Zoology and graduate studies in Biology. She once taught high school Biology, Environmental Science and Anatomy/Physiology. When not in her den writing, she can be found at steampunk conventions, at work at the raptor rehabilitation center, wolf sanctuaries, or to satisfy her inner Hemingway on some global eco-adventure.

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Eva Gordon
Award winning author of epic paranormal/fantasy/historical romance.
Animal Lore Specialist

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