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The Last Free Men by Jack Everett, David Coles
The Last Free Men: An Eagle Fallen
by Jack Everett

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Portals Publishing (January 2, 2016)
Publication Date: January 2, 2016
Genre: Historical Fiction
Print Length: 430 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

In the 2nd Century AD, Rome's Ninth Legion was sent to Hadrian's Wall in northwest Britain to quell an insurrection. They were never heard from again. Historians have speculated for centuries about what happened - THE LAST FREE MEN presents one intriguing possibility as seen through the eyes of Marcus Gettorix, son of a Roman general and a British woman. Marcus is an undercover scout for the Romans, but during a battle he is captured and sentenced to work in the mines with the rest of the native prisoners. The Druids act to use Marcus as a figurehead to fan the flames of resentment into an insurrection that joins British and Scottish tribes against the Romans. Now allied with the Druids, Marcus lures the ambitious Roman general in charge of the Ninth Legion into a deadly trap destined to create one of history's greatest mysteries
The Last Free Men by Jack Everett, David Coles

The Last Free Men: An Eagle FallenHe was a man of two countries, his mother a British woman, his father a Roman General. Marcus was an uncover scout for his masters, the Romans with his knowledge of both languages and the lands of Hadrian’s Wall. When wrongly accused of murdering his general, he is sent to work the mines. Upon learning of his imprisonment, the Druids scheme to use him as a figurehead, a rallying point for the British and Scottish tribes rising up against Roman rule. For Marcus, this alliance is to his benefit and when a leading Roman general in charge of the Ninth Legion is entrapped in a deadly snare, the mystery of the events that followed are forever up to speculation.

Karras was a career soldier, and although married to a British woman, his life revolved around his legion and his Rome. His one desire was to expand Rome’s power and glory around the world. Two men, their destinies already pre-ordained will play a major role in bringing to life the world of almost two thousand years ago, when life was hard, oppressors rode the tribes with an iron fist and love, loyalties and liberties were questionable at best and could change on a whim. Fascinating reading, shining details and realistic speculation will keep readers entranced in what may have been.

A dream come true for history buffs, this tale even comes with a glossary to help understand words, terms and the names of modern day places that suffered the bloodshed of millions at the hand of Rome.

Jack Everett and David Coles's tale, THE LAST FREE MEN is their well-researched version of what followed. Filled with the atmosphere of ancient Rome and its conquests of far reaching global proportions, see the bold soldiers, their daring generals and the greed of Rome in epic proportions. The Ninth Legion has been vilified, idolized and thought to be questionable in its existence, but with the mastery of Mssrs. Everett and Coles, one would be hard-pressed to not feel they spent time in a long ago world.

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