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Valan Playboys by Scarlett Dawn

Valan Playboys
by Scarlett Dawn

Publication Date: February 20, 2015
Publisher: Scarlett Dawn
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 133 pages
Available from: Amazon
Eighteen-year-old orphan, Lana Claire, drinks too much and parties too hard. She drowns her worries in the pleasures of life. When a crazy encounter at a new bar ends with bodies littering the ground, Lana wonders if she may have discovered a path that leads to answers she desperately needs.

Never one to walk blind, she treads carefully. What she finds is more than she ever hoped for. Lana knew she wasn't human, but an entire community of others like herself blows her mind. And the men! Heat and passion burn bright when Valan men are on the hunt for their mate, but Lana never expected to be the spark for two of their hottest playboys. More than ready to sizzle with the alphas of Valan, Lana does what she always does. She dives right in.

*Warning: This book is a threesome. Move along if you like vanilla*
*Originally published in TAMING THE ALPHA*

Valan Playboys by Scarlett Dawn

Valan PlayboysLana is far from a shrinking violet! She lives life in the fast lane, parties like it’s 1999 and there isn’t much that stops her in her tracks… until that night in the new bar with those bodies all over the place, certainly NOT a normal night out for even Lana! She found out she was not the square peg in a world full of round humans, a world she never quite felt part of. Lana is definitely “other,” and she finds she is not alone after all.

Welcome to another sizzling adventure in the world of Scarlett Dawn’s creations. Meet the VALAN PLAYBOYS and prepare to melt from the passionate heat they create as they fall to their knees begging to join Lana in her oh so comfy bed!

Pass the smelling salts, Scarlett Dawn has tapped out another scorching and humorous read, guaranteed to keep a grin on your face from start to finish! Ms. Dawn has a way with words, she knows how to stoke up the heat and bring on the chuckles as she not only gives life to her characters, but an extra pinch of sass to her heroine! No for those who blush easily or get jealous at the antics of one woman and two men, but trust me, there is a delightful story here, especially concerning her parents!

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