Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bitten by Amanda Pillar (The Graced Series, #2)

by Amanda Pillar

My rating: 4.5 stars

Series: the Graced Series - Book 2
Publisher: Pronoun (January 6, 2017)
Publication Date: January 6, 2017
Genre: Paranormal
Print Length: 395 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
The city of Pinton has never been safe…and now a serial killer is on the loose.

Doctor Alice Reive is the city’s coroner, and she’s determined to help find the murderer. Enlisting the assistance of the Honorable Dante Kipling and city guard Elle Brown, they race to track down the killer, before another victim dies.

Hannah Romanov – Dante’s missing twin sister – has spent hundreds of years living on an isolated mountain. But her quiet life is thrown into chaos after she discovers a baby left in the wilds to die. Hannah will do anything to ensure the infant’s survival, even if it means travelling to the worst place in the world for her – Pinton.

 Bitten by Amanda Pillar (The Graced Series, #2)

BittenWe are all fascinated by what the future will bring, an amazing land of scientific advances or maybe our descendants will destroy the world we have left them. Even thinking about 100 years from now is mind boggling, imagine going thousands of years and finding a dark and dangerous world that is worse off than our era. Humans have become meals on foot for vampires and werewolves, no one is safe if you don’t suck blood or go furry.

When a serial killer hits the town of Pinton, he/she/it must be found before more deaths occur. Tensions will run high because it wasn’t a human, it was a vampire who has met his death. Follow the clues as coroner Alice, city guard, Elle and the mayor, Dante are on the hunt for the monster with death on his agenda.

If this isn’t enough to prick your curiosity, and hermit vampire who is half-graced must come down from her personal fortress of solitude when she finds an infant abandoned in her woods. Who would abandon their child to die? What kind of monster could be so cruel? Graced with the power to touch an object and discover the history of those who have touched it, she discovers something that forces her to seek out her mother, but will that journey be fruitful?

Two events, seemingly unrelated may hold the key to that uncovers more than anyone bargained for. Add two more characters to the list, one a comic relief expert and one, a two amazing to be believed man of quiet honor and each page just gets better!

Enter a future time unlike anything you could imagine as Amanda Pillar brings BITTEN to life in a dark world with few bright moments. Ms. Pillar has cast the mold for her world and begins the polishing it to a sheen that will mesmerize paranormal readers with its unusual twists, and jagged turns. Kick back and fall in love with another paranormal tale that adds suspense, romance and a cast of characters that is sure to keep you entertained.

I received this copy from Amanda Pillar in exchange for my honest review.

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