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Dead or Alive by Jane Blythe (Detective Parker Bell, #3)

Dead or Alive
by Jane Blythe

Series: Detective Parker Bell - Book 3
Publication Date: July 3, 2014
Publisher: Jane Blythe
Genre: Mystery | Suspense
Available from: Amazon
Twenty-one years ago a terrified little girl shot dead a man.

Lila and Eric Abbott’s world spins out of control in an instant when their young son is shot and their infant daughter abducted in a seemingly random car jacking.

While working on the case Detective Parker Bell disappears without a trace leaving, his friends and family, including new wife Tessa, frantic to find out what has happened to him.

Pregnant with their first child Tessa clings to the belief that her husband would never abandon her, despite the insistence of family and friends that Parker’s recent behavioral changes may mean he has left on purpose.

A husband who’s dead or a husband who’s alive but abandoned her seem to be Tessa’s only choices, until a mysterious stranger enters her life.
Dead or Alive by Jane Blythe (Detective Parker Bell, #3)

Dead or Alive (Detective Parker Bell #3)The past keeps coming back to haunt and torment Tessa and the pressures on her marriage to Parker Bell is showing signs of cracking. Will they each reach a breaking point as tempers flare, more secrets are kept and Parker begins to feel like he is the outsider in all things Tessa.

Parker is given another heart-wrenching case, one that will destroy a young family when both of their young children are taken in a random carjacking. The young boy is found murdered and the baby girl is gone and it is up to Parker and Wyatt to find the infant before it’s too late. As the pressure mounts, things at home also hit a boiling point, and Parker leaves. When he doesn’t return, doesn’t show up for work and doesn’t contact anyone, only Tessa believes there has been foul play. Have his friends all become so anti-Parker when it comes to Tessa that they are blind to the possibility something terrible has happened? Once again, Tessa puts herself in danger, this time to save Parker and to tell him she is pregnant. Will she be too late? Will they both die together? Is this her past coming back to give her another helping of pure Hell? Then HE showed up and both of their lives are saved, but not before more heartache will be heaped on this troubled pair.

DEAD OR ALIVE by Jane Blythe may be one of her grittiest installments in the Detective Parker Bell series. It takes a confident talent to write of death and pain and make it bearable for her readers, but Jane Blythe has done exactly that. The murder of a small child, the abduction of an infant and worse. The lines between good and evil, sane and insane are blurred and no one will go unscathed. Loyalties will change, faith will be lost and trust will be shattered once again as Tessa and Parker are robbed of any chance to privately fight for or forfeit their marriage. Dark, with tension coiled like a snake ready to spring, readers will find that while some characters become more frustrating, some become downright unlikable and relationships become questionable at best.

Could it be that even love won’t stand a chance against Tessa’s wall and Parker’s insecurity? Where will Jane Blythe take us next time? Her bold style is undeniable and she doesn’t worry how her characters come across, her design is to entertain ad make one think, feel and react and she has met her goal.

I received this copy from Jane Blythe in exchange for my honest review.

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