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Demorn: Soul Fighter by David Finn (The Asanti #3)

Demorn: Soul Fighter
by David Finn

Series: The Asanti - Book 3
Publisher: Firethorn Publishing (January 20, 2017)
Publication Date: January 20, 2017
Genre: Fantasy | Sci-Fi
Print Length: 322 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

New City. New Terror. Maximum DEMORN!

Bay City is home to the Soul Fights and a welcome respite from the War.

Demorn, exile and assassin, has journeyed across the Glass Desert to aid an old friend. But the conflict that is tearing apart Firethorn follows her to the city. As a catastrophic comet descends upon the Bay, Demorn fights to untangle a web of conspiracies surrounding her friends and enemies alike. As she uncovers past sins from those she trusts the most, Demorn is slowly drawn into a desperate, last-ditch plan to avoid the destruction of everything, never sure where her loyalties lie.

Meanwhile, Demorn’s old friend is developing into something more…


Demorn: Soul Fighter by David Finn (The Asanti #3)

Demorn: Soul Fighter (The Asanti #3)Demorn is like a ship without a port, all she has lived and fought for is falling apart around her and she questions her very existence as an assassin, but she is good at her job and the trails of death and gore she leaves in her wake is proof. Although she has taken care of much of her past business, author David Finn is not quite through with this female killing machine. DEMORN: SOULFIGHTER is another link in the chain of the life and trial of Demorn, an assassin who is discovering what it is like to have a heart that beats without shame.

Her home has been destroyed. Now a comet is hurdling its way towards the Bay, a city of questionable morals and endless deceit. That comet is a killer, it will wipe out more than just the citizens who reside in the area and Demorn must find answers to a maze of conspiracies that entangle both friend and foe. No one is sin-free and Demorn may be shocked to discover who has darkness in their past. Is there anyone she can trust? Desperate times call for desperate measure, and these is one very slim chance to avoid the disaster from the sky, will Demorn take it knowing she may not come back?

The same chaotic plotting, the convoluted timelines and the maze that will, at times, overwhelm us, David Finn is a master at fantasy, raw action and bold characters to populate his tales. Pay close attention to this one, the rewards will be great!
I received this copy from David Finn in exchange for my honest review.

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