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Knights of Ash by A.J. Gallant (Of Knights & Wizards, #5)

Knights of Ash
by A. J. Gallant

My rating: 4 stars

Series: of Knights and Wizards - Book 5
Publication Date: January 23, 2017
Publisher: A.J. Gallant
Genre: fantasy
Print Length: 216 pages
Available from: Amazon
The Tar-Cranian wizard is back for another exciting adventure of this best selling series.
This epic fantasy has it all. Knights, kings, romance and wizards.

Marcus always thought that dragons were at the top of the food chain, but crunchers are moving into the area and they kill dragons. The Tar-Cranian Wizard cannot imagine his land without dragons, but even the sorcerers, including Raina and Ash may have enough experience to stop them.

And Marcus must journey to the Upside-Down forest to replenish his magical ingredients, but at more than five hundred leagues away the chances of returning are not good.

Meanwhile, a hunter named Shaun has eyes for the woman that lives across from him, but his father is ready to sell her.

Knights of Ash by A.J. Gallant (Of Knights & Wizards, #5)
knights of ashShe flew through the night, sleek, graceful and desperate to find her mate, fearing he had been injured, unable to get home, but what Salanth found was the brutal truth that the crunchers were back and her brave Novalt never stood a chance and neither did she.

Dragons, fierce, intelligent and the top of the food chain, or so everyone thought until the huge and beastly crunchers came on the scene, devouring dragons in huge gulps. Trapped in their lairs, unable to stretch their wings or feed, things are looking pretty grim, until the green goo that the dragon wizard, Ash had created began to move, and grow…

King Darian’s time is drawing near and he must decide who will be his successor to the throne, by right, it would be Marcus, but as a Tar-Cranian Wizard, his magic would be needed elsewhere, so the duty will fall to his vehemently opposed daughter, Alexa, a fierce warrior with an independent streak a mile wide. But Alexa has been kidnapped, and Stone will be hard pressed to break the news to his king.

Marcus is on his own mission, still new to his powerful craft, new secrets are divulged about the power of his wand. Too far from home to aid with the crunchers or to be near his dying father, does he even know his sister has been taken?

There is chaos all around and the world as they know it seems to be imploding all around. What lies in wait for this young magician, his dragons and the future of his father’s kingdom?

A.J. Gallant’s KNIGHTS OF ASH carries the same tone of previous books in the series, a cross between a fantasy for all ages and an adults only read. One can feel Marcus’ unease with his powers, yet his determination to prove he will do his fate proud. Alexa has her own cross to bear, as a warrior, she would rather lead her troops to battle, not command from a throne, and the dragons? They have to face the genocide of their kind and hope for help to save their race.

A quick fantasy read where the dragons are little scaly humans in their dialogue and actions and magic is a force to be reckoned with when wielded with confidant hands. Looks like the Kingdom may be depending on Marcus, but is he up to the challenge?

I received this copy from A.J. Gallant in exchange for my honest review.

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