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Little Girl Lost by Jane Blythe (Detective Parker Bell, #4)

Little Girl Lost
by Jane Blythe
Series: Detective Parker Bell - Book 4
Publication Date: January 12, 2015
Publisher: Jane Blythe
Genre: Suspense
Print Length: 261 pages
Available from: Amazon
After crashing their car in the woods Detective Parker Bell and his wife Tessa stumble upon a blood splattered child and find themselves thrown headfirst into a nightmare eerily familiar to the one Tessa found herself in sixteen years ago.

Forced to confront a past she would rather forget, every decision Tessa makes could cost her everything she has grown to love.

Faced with several missing children cases he knows are related to Tessa’s childhood nightmare, Parker must decide how hard to push his wife to get the answers he wants, and if he is even ready to face the truth of what happened to Tessa when she was kidnapped as a child.

The revelations will irrevocably change both Parker and Tessa’s lives forever.

Little Girl Lost by Jane Blythe (Detective Parker Bell, #4)

Little Girl Lost (Detective Parker Bell #4)Tessa’s horrific past continues to haunt her when, after crashing in the woods, she and Parker discover a child, covered in blood. Is it a freak of fate or is it too similar to what Tessa has experienced long ago not to be connected?

Parker needs help in this investigation and Tessa may hold the key to solving these heinous crimes as children go missing and the unsolved cases continue to pile up. Tessa refuses to open up about her past, a nightmare she would rather not think about. Parker knows he is pushing her, but as both an officer of the law and especially as her husband, dealing with her current state of mind, has him afraid to push too hard. Is it Parker? Why can’t Tessa trust him with her past? Has she become so wrapped up in her own torment that she is too paralyzed to help others? As their world and lives together come crashing down around them, both must make a decision, should Tessa reveal her own kidnapping to Parker, should Parker push Tessa harder? One thing for sure, no matter what decisions they make, their lives together will never be the same. How can Tessa allow more young girls to live the hell she once did? Is her damage so great she feels she will never be accepted if others knew everything?

Talk about twisted and dark! Jane Blythe’s LITTLE GIRL LOST is one of those suspense tales that had my stomach in knots, pulling out my hair and talking to my kindle. Tessa has never allowed herself to heal her bloody wounds from the past and has stood strong against outside help, even from the man she has chosen to love “Til death do us part.” Jane Blythe has created characters that will push us to the brink, confuse us and have a love/hate relationship with. The atmosphere is dark, the crimes hideous and Tessa’s past is nothing short of pure horror.
One more gritty and gripping tale from Jane Blythe that will leave you locking your doors twice and keep your loved ones close, very close.

I received this copy from Jane Blythe in exchange for my honest review.

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