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Of Fear and Faith by N.D. Jones (Death and Destiny, #1)

Of Fear and Faith
by N.D. Jones

Trilogy: Death and Destiny - Book 1
Publisher: Siren Publishing (July 22, 2014)
Publication Date: August 18, 2014
Genre: Paranormal Romance | Suspense
Print Length: 288 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Before trust and love can take hold, grow solid roots, and blossom into a reality larger than self, fear must be conquered and faith embraced. Yet fear of an ancient prophecy, of burning magical power, and a broken heart, Sanura Williams, psychology professor, is unprepared when Special Agent Assefa Berber enters her life, hunting a preternatural serial killer. Assefa's intelligent, chocolate eyes and intoxicating aura signature stirs her fire spirit but frightens the woman.

In a world where all is not as it seems, Sanura and Assefa must battle the gods' first creations - vile predators who threaten the safety of humans. Each confrontation, each bloody clash, will bring Sanura and Assefa closer to fulfilling the prophecy of being the Fire Witch and Cat of Legend - the ones who will save humanity from the Water Witch of Legend. Death, godly magic, and physical attraction draw Sanura and Assefa to each other, but fear and faith will determine their destiny. ** A great paranormal romance.

Of Fear and Faith by N.D. Jones (Death and Destiny, #1) 
Of Fear and Faith (Death and Destiny #1)Paranormal romance, one of the most written about genres, where authors are free to take us away on a journey of passion, adventure and incredible powers far beyond a mere human’s. Add the words “powerful tale” and you have N.D. Jones’ OF FAITH AND FEAR an intriguing tale of prophecies, fear, desire and finding the ability to trust without reservation, even when your very life depends on it.

The world is full of secrets, but possibly the best kept secret is the existence of beings of magic, myth and powers unknown to mankind. Among them, a psychology professor and a Special Agent must find each other, bond and create the fulfillment of a prophecy long awaited. Sanura is a powerful witch, and she was NOT prepared for the power that emanated from the shifter, Assefa, who is on the hunt for a supernatural killer. Is it possible the prophecy’s time is now? Must these two become more than the sum of their individual natures? Are they the ones to save humanity from the Water Witch?

Love, lives and hearts are on the line as two souls battle both their insecurities and their attraction to achieve one of life’s greatest gifts, trust in oneself and in another.

N.D. Jones does not write insta-love. She builds a world of rich detail, high tension and drama as the weight of the world slowly falls on Sanura and Assefa. Feel each scene come to life as we witness heinous crimes, very real familial love and an almost comical FBI partnership that seems made in hell.

So many beings exist next to the innocent humans, so much power and history and so much riding on fate, luck and the trust of lovers meant to be.

Want to be immersed in fantasy until the lines between reality and fiction are blurred? Do you enjoy the vibrancy of a well- told tale? N.D. Jones can write, and her world comes to life as her words cross the pages. This is one of those Gems I search for when nothing short of strong writing will do!

I received this copy from N.D. Jones in exchange for my honest review.

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