Thursday, January 19, 2017

Red Blood by Emma Hamm (Series of Blood, #2)

Red Blood
by Emma Hamm

Series: Series of Blood - Book 2
Publication Date: January 13, 2017
Publisher: Emma Hamm
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Print Length: 291 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Lyra has been through hell and high water to get to where she is in life. As part of an elite team working for god-like creatures, she considers herself capable of anything. But when she is tasked with finding a person who fulfills a prophecy capable of saving the world, she finds that she has met her match. She must convince this man to help her while hiding secrets of her own...


He is known as the "Graverobber". Dark power flows from his fingertips and is wielded without a thought. For years he has existed without a soul. Without conscience. Until a tiny Siren walks into his life and demands he come with her. She is the first person to ever dare order him to do anything. Suddenly, the soulless Graverobber finds himself intrigued by something full of life and light.


Brewing in the darkest corners of the world, an ancient evil plots to destroy them all. Lyra and the Graverobber must join forces to save the lives of countless magical creatures and humans. But both find that to protect those they love, they must give up everything that is important to them.


 Red Blood by Emma Hamm (Series of Blood, #2)

Red BloodShe is a siren on a mission from the god-like creatures she works for. He is a soulless entity of dark and fearsome power and NO ONE dares confront him, until her. Lyra must convince the “Graverobber” to stand with their magical kind to defeat the vilest of evils who wants to destroy them all.

Hello to one tough Siren! Lyra is a force to be reckoned with! Tough, standoffish and not particularly likable at times, we soon discover her tough as nails exterior hides a woman who has suffered, who has felt pain and never wants to feel it again. It is Lyra’s boldness that intrigues the Graverobber and warms his cold heart.

What they will face, what they will learn and what they will feel brings Emma Hamm’s RED BLOOD to life in a fast and furious tale of looking beyond the exterior to finding the real treasure and strength of another.

Absolutely riveting, as Emma Hamm takes a sharp turn from book one and digs deep with heavy emotions, heavy action and two characters who were fabulous together. Talk about well-developed and intense, both Lyra and the Graverobber could continue to hold my attention captive for many books to come, they are that good!

Ms. Hamm displays some sharp and versatile writing talent that cannot be ignored!

I received an ARC edition from Emma Hamm in exchange for my honest review.

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