Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Renny by Jessica Gadziala (Henchmen MC, #6)

by Jessica Gadziala
Series: Henchmen - Book 6
Publication Date: January 6, 2017
Publisher: Jessica Gadziala
Genre: MC Romance
Print Length: 228 pages
Available from: Amazon
1 war
2 people trying to find love among the wreckage
5 big surprises
The fate of entire beloved organization in the balance
= one big, sexy, bloody, hell of a ride.

Renny by Jessica Gadziala (Henchmen MC, #6)
Renny (The Henchmen MC, #6)After the heartbreaking devastation and death of their last “war,” when the compound was ambushed, it is time to re-group, re-build and recover. This is a turning point for the Henchmen, one that would make lesser men wither. Wisely, Jessica Gadziala tones it down after the explosive events of the past earning everyone, readers included a breather. RENNY is truly a tale of renewal, for two people who make it their mission to stay just a step away from the world in their own personal space as they profile those around them.

Mina is good at picking up on people, are they being honest? Are they lying? If she has met them, it’s a good bet she has a dossier compiled, be prepared, no surprises, right?

Renny is Mina’s male counterpart. He observes, evaluates and sizes up anyone who comes near. Strange how two people so good at scraping off the shell of everyone else are so unaware of what goes on within their own hearts. Could two people be any more perfect for each other or would they analyze each other to death, losing out on the magic of emotions , sharing and above all, trusting.

Amid their budding romance-not romance (depending on who you ask and when you ask it) the ashes of the previous chaos still smolder and the boys are on the hunt for justice and vengeance, it is either payback time or time to roll over belly up and be eaten alive and that is So. Not. The. Henchman. Way. Being told as part of the background atmosphere was perfect. Ms. Gadziala gave us healing, camaraderie and the love of family and friends. Of course, she also gave us humor, snark, attitude and total badassery, too! I needed this break, it brought these characters to life, made them feel real.

Renny was not a knuckle dragging man of few words. He had intelligence, the ability to communicate, although sometimes he may have been better not doing so! Mina’s background was brutal, but she made something of herself that made her happy, except for that great wall she hid behind. Hot chemistry, real heart to heart emotions and a new day for the Henchman…yep, another fantastic read from Jessica Gadziala where the heroes don't have to be on the right side of the law, but honor is paramount!

I received this copy from Jessica Gadziala in exchange for my honest review.

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