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The Execution by Sharon Cramer (The Wintergrave Chronicles, #1)

The Execution
by Sharon Cramer

My rating: 4 stars

Series: The Wintergrave Chronicles - Book 1
Publisher: B & F Publishing (January 14, 2014)
Publication Date: January 14, 2014
ISBN: 0983943729
Genre: Historical Fiction - Romance
Print Length: 337 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Parallel lives are fated to collide in The Execution, a medieval thriller, dark adventure, and tragic love story set in fourteenth century France.

A young priest enters the prison cell of a condemned mercenary and is shocked to see the face of this murderer is his own—a mirror image of himself. Unknown to each other until now, the twins form a bond of brotherhood, sealed with their darkest secrets. But with only hours until the execution, the priest begins to question which man should truly be condemned. Should it be the ruthless killer—a boy from an orphanage who suffered the unimaginable—or himself, the man of God whose own tormented desires ended in tragedy? As the sun rises, the young priest knows what he must do. Only one man will die…but two men will be free.

The Execution by Sharon Cramer 
(The Wintergrave Chronicles, #1) 
The Execution (The Wintergrave Chronicles #1)Two young men, strangers in life, discover the one link that will bond them for eternity. They only knew each other a few hours, but at sunrise, they will each make the ultimate sacrifice for one another. THE EXECUTION by Sharon Cramer takes her readers back to the dark times of fourteenth century France, where thousands dies of illness, leaving families broken and children with no one to care if they live or die. The price of a day’s meal can buy a child into servitude, to grow up learning from the school of hard knocks and deception. This was Ravan’s fate. Only by the grace of God will a child be left on the doorstep of the church and welcomed into a family of great power and wealth, but is he really free or will his life also become a prison? This was D’ata’s fate.

Each will know a love that will be ripped from them, each will become a product of the world they belong to, both finding they fit like a square peg in a round hole, misfits in the world forced on them. Yet each will find the meaning of family and what one brother will do for another.

Sharon Cramer brings the heart of her historical fiction to life by allowing her readers to feel the pages fade away and fully understand the dialogue of this tale, No need to struggle over period language, because that isn’t the soul of this tale. It is a tale of cruelty, need, and loss, until two souls find a place to belong. Two parallel tales that merge into one, told with heart, grit and a sense of the violence of the time.

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