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The State of Wyoming: Episode 5 -- MAMMOTH by Gillian Will

The State of Wyoming: Episode 5 -- MAMMOTH
by Gillian Will

Series: The State of Wyoming - Book 5
Publisher: Fifty States Press (March 28, 2016)
Publication Date: March 28, 2016
Genre: YA Political Satire
Print Length: 20 pages
Available from: Amazon

It’s Scandal meets Seinfeld. A political comedy set in Washington, D.C.

It’s a book for people who like TV. A serial novel structured like a television show, with individual complete episodes that each also contribute to the ongoing story.

In 2011, the Obama Administration embarrassed itself by mistaking Colorado for Wyoming on the map of a speaking tour in western states. Voila, the Fifty States Program!--fifty new federal patronage jobs, one for each state, all housed in cubicles at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building adjacent to the White House.

The millennials in these jobs call each other by the name of their states, and none of them are exactly what you’d call on the ball. Wyoming--that’s our man Elliot Vance-- could qualify for the slacker Olympics. He’s the grand-nephew of former Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, but prior to being given a States job by his wealthy father he got kicked out of an English lit Ph.D. program for insisting on doing his dissertation on 1950s pulp author F. Bob Goddard. Elliot dates a WASP-American princess who’s pushing for marriage, and his two best friends are Delaware and Nebraska. He’s never actually met his Director, whose secretary Vivian is a tad on the crabby side. Elliot’s nemesis would be Tara Travis, the slinky blonde Republican aide to Wyoming congressman Bull Wheeler.

In Episode 1 Elliot was blackmailed by Tara into flying to Laramie to do some actual work. In Episode 2 the Hells Angels, who saw Elliot in Laramie on CNN, asked him to stop earthquakes. Nebraska, him of the 21-inch neck, had a girlfriend problem, the first of his life. In Episode 3, the Bureau of Land Management uses helicopters to round up wild horses in the Checkerboard Lands. Vivian needed a sex change reversal. In Episode 4, Regina pretends to be Delaware’s girlfriend for his mother’s visit. Elliot acquires an enemy in Cliff Atwater, younger cousin of the famous Republican dirty trickster.

In Episode 5, Regina kicks Elliot out. A conspiracy theorist finds evidence that Lewis and Clark visited Wyoming on their famous 1803-6 expedition.
 The State of Wyoming: Episode 5 -- MAMMOTH
by Gillian Will
The State of Wyoming: Episode 5 -- MAMMOTHDo you like a little political comedy and satire? Prefer it in small doses that pick up with a new story every time? Don’t want a ton of real political vitriol, but some fictional eyebrow raising tales of behind the scenes events that go on at all times? How about a piece of humanity behind the political machine?

Our spoiled rich boy, Elliot seems to be growing up, sort of. After being tossed out by Regina, Elliot discovers that just maybe Lewis and Clark visited Wyoming while on their famous expedition. True or some far out theory tossed out to muddy some waters?

This time out, Elliot does something for a down and out friend, another “state,” that is above and beyond his usual M.O. Ahh, is Elliot growing up?

It’s no secret, I am a huge fan of this serial and the wry humor and wit of author Gillian Will. Sure, each tale is short, but they are almost television ready and would certainly be more entertaining than another reality show. Read them one at a time or all together! Either way, they are one author’s look at behind-the-scenes of Washington, DC and our tax dollars at play, I mean, work.

I received this copy from Gillian Will in exchange for my honest review.

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