Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Through the Oak Door by Lori J. Fitzgerald is Here!

Discover the BEST of TWO Books all under ONE Paperback Cover!

 From Lori J. Fitzgerald

 Through the Oak Door by Lori J. Fitzgerald
Publication Date: January 14, 2017
Paperback: 84 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (January 14, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1542383579
ISBN-13: 978-1542383578
Genre: Fantasy Anthology
Available from: Amazon


 Step through the oak door into a land of mythical transformation, startling self-discovery, and love as deep as the roots of an ancient tree, as timeless as a standing stone with The Wood & Stone Novelettes collected here for the first time on paper. The forest is waiting for Aislin to learn its secrets in Love Lies Bleeding: The Lady of the Forest. But to love such a fey creature as the Hunter comes with a price... Betrayed and scarred, William must find the purpose of his strange powers in order to save the people he cares about from an otherworldly threat in Songs Within Stone: The Master Mason.

Through the Oak DoorNever underestimate the power of well-chosen words! Love Lies Bleeding by Lori J.Fitzgerald brings the tale of a free-spirited girl and the Spirit of the Forest into your heart as it pricks long ago memories of feeling the magic of fairytales dancing through your mind.

Young Aislin always felt the call of the forest, beckoning her, surrounding her with warmth, but young girls grow up and reality seems to get in the way of fantasy and childhood musings. When her life takes a horrendous turn and becomes a living nightmare, only the magic of the forest can bring her eternal joy and love.

Centered on the very soul of myths and legends, the Celtic world, magical beings, life, tragedy and the final ultimate enchantment of happiness is full to overflowing with the magic of Lori J. Fitzgerald’s words.

There is beauty and magic in the hands of an artisan, no matter what they create. William, a mason’s apprentice hears the beauty of the songs that stones sing to his heart as he brings raw stone to life with his carving. One brutal incident leaves William’s kind heart hardened and bitter, and in search of another Master Mason to train under. Was this punishment or did fate guide him to the place where he could make peace with his demons while finding his true calling and a place to call home?

Once again, Lori J. Fitzgerald had me entranced by her almost poetic style of writing! Songs Within Stone is a quick read that captures the feel of long ago times, the magic of friendships and believing in oneself to do the right thing. Ms. Fitzgerald has woven another tale filled with characters from mythology, some beasts and some fae and created a tapestry rich with character, color and atmosphere as one apprentice finally finds his very soul singing to him as clearly as the stones he brings to life. Feel the magic of fantasy, watch each scene play out and escape into a world meant to be found by all of us who believe in the magic of the written words within books. With a gentle pace, moments of awe and even sadness and joy, Lori J. Fitzgerald’s world is spellbinding to behold with her rich words and obvious love for her characters and her work.

 Lori J. Fitzgerald writes fantasy stories infused with Celtic mythology and medieval and Arthurian themes. She lives in New York with her fellow English Major husband and their two little bookworms. Her favorite form of entertainment, besides reading, is watching a joust at a Renaissance Faire. She was a middle school English teacher for many years and was well-known for her dramatic readings of The Princess Bride. Lori is currently a Staff Writer for the website Once Upon A Fan, the popular fansite for ABC's hit show Once Upon A Time.

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