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Twisted Desire by Sharon Kay (Titan World)

Twisted Desire
by Sharon Kay

Series: Titan World
Publisher: Titan World LLC (January 24, 2017)
Publication Date: January 24, 2017
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 86 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
From New York Times bestselling author Cristin Harber and Award-winning author Sharon Kay comes an exciting collaboration…

Rhys MacLeod is a warrior first and a hacker second. Preserving the balance of power among supernatural beings is his prime directive, as well as keeping it far from human eyes. The discovery of a man killed by magical force on a Chicago street lands him on an op he didn't expect. He's good, but solving this crime requires a call to the best of the best.

Parker Black of Titan Group never met a network he couldn't infiltrate. Along with Titan team member Locke Oliver and Megan, a scientist who witnessed the murder, they uncover a maze of encrypted files and unethical DNA manipulation.

Rhys is duty bound to keep all supernatural details hidden from his human friends, so identifying the killer becomes more complicated when clues indicate the perp isn't human. And when the murderer shows up at their location, every second counts before its true nature is revealed.

 Twisted Desire by Sharon Kay (Titan World)
Twisted Desire (Titan World)Watcher Rhys MacLeod’s job isn’t an easy one. He is a warrior preserving the balance of power between the human and supernatural worlds while maintaining a non-existent profile. When a man is killed by supernatural forces, it is go time, full throttle to discover who and why, as well as assure it doesn’t happen again. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is admit one needs help, especially when one needs the best of the best and Rhys will find himself in a precarious situation when the best computer genius is a human. Now working with the Titan Group, Rhys must maneuver the shark-filled waters of secrecy while uncovering the supernatural murderer.

Talk about bringing in the big guns! Sharon Kay’s Lash Demons are a paranormal fan’s dream heroes while Cristin Harber’s Titan Group is human hotness and brilliance. Together in one short story, this is dynamite reading that explodes on the pages! Fabulous writing, amazing characters, computer hacking and secrets.

Not only has one of my favorite authors knocked another read out of the ballpark, but I now have another author to add to my must-read mountain! It’s like getting that second dessert and it comes calorie-free!

I received an ARC edition from Sharon Kay in exchange for my honest review.

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