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Watched by Sharde Richardson

by Sharde Richardson

Series: Mikayla Blake, Demon Hunter - Book 1
Publisher: Jolt Books (May 31, 2011)
Publication Date: May 31, 2011
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 290 pages
Available from: Amazon
This world is full of coincidence...

I said it was full of pervs with a boner for pubescent kids, murderers lurking in the shadows, and God-awful things I didn't care to think about.

God. I didn't know if I qualified to say that anymore. How did things get so out of control, so messy? I was normal, once. Put on my bra one arms strap at a time, laced my Converses from bottom to top just like everyone else. Granted it was a slightly different version of normal--a little too far left of kosher, maybe? But before all of this twistedness happened, I was me. I was a little ignorant, a little na├»ve. I was whatever my social network profile said. But I hadn't updated it in, like, three months, so...

Three months ago, I was the girl who wore her hair in a saggy ponytail, the girl with the stutter. I despised my mom's cooking, gamed too much, and laughed at all my dad's jokes even when they were corny as hell. I'd never been kissed or gotten into trouble. I was Mikayla Blake, human, prone to fuckups and mishaps. No more, no less.

Three months ago, my new life started. And nothing's been coincidence since.

Watched by Sharde Richardson
WatchedAttitude in spades, snark galore, and I loved it! Safe to say Sharde Richardson has her own style of writing and it is earthy, quirky and feels like some reality is sandwiched between those book covers! WATCHED is total entertainment, from the paranormal aspects to the plot to the characters, total entertainment!

Mikayla was your average ponytail wearing, less than popular girl with a horrible stutter that made her fodder for others. She has those parental issue things most kids have as they are testing the waters of life.

It was on her seventeenth birthday that her life went totally off the rails and her ride would never be the same again. Mikayla was skating, alone, enjoying the solitude that brought peace, until she got “that feeling.” The one that says she is being watched and she was right. She was also the target for murder, but survived, waking up in a hospital, alive, and changed. Very changed. Was it the near death experience that gave her the ability to see auras around people and discern their intent? Can she really see demons? Demons? Seriously? That isn’t all that has changed for Mikayla, either. It seems she has a mission in life, a very special, very dangerous mission and swallowing that knowledge is like believing in the tooth fairy for Mikayla, but hey, this girl is up for the challenge, once she gets past her disbelief.

She is about to set off on a new road, a new life and there will be someone at her side. Lucas has had his eye on Mikayla for a while, but what are his motives and how does he know so much about her, heck even she cannot remember anything past her thirteenth birthday!

Sharde Richardson has a tale to tell and characters to love! If you think you have read all there is to read about young adult demon hunters, clearly you haven’t tried Watched and it is time to rectify that situation! Get ready for Sharde, she is an author to read!

I received this copy from Sharde Richardson via Instafreebie.

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