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We Shall Ne’er Be Younger by Mary Ellen Woods

We Shall Ne’er Be Younger
by Mary Ellen Woods

My rating: 4 stars
Series: Silver Chronicles - Book 1
Publisher: The Fictionist Publishing (November 10, 2016)
Publication Date: November 10, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance +50
Print Length: 201 pages
Available from: Amazon
Widowed just after her 50th birthday, romance novelist and former high school literature teacher, Emily Archer is determined not to grow old and die alone. She’s holding back the aging process fairly successfully so far with exercise, portion control and moisturizer. But it’s only a matter of time until it catches up with her. She’s on the clock when it comes to finding a mature man to share the remainder of her life. When she meets recently divorced Marine Colonel, Mike Hansen, Emily is concerned that their instant sexual attraction could spoil the chances of an enduring relationship. Slowing things down is going to be a battle since Mike is a battle hardened veteran used to getting the job done, quickly.
Emily and Mike discover that relationships after the age of 50 have all the same problems (ex’s who don’t know when to quit, unreasonable family members and job complications…) as any relationship, plus some gray areas and wrinkles that come with age. If they can learn to live with each other’s wrinkles, they have a chance at going gray together. But what Emily doesn’t know, is how little time they have before their romance arc will be interrupted. Will Mike and Emily seize their second chance at love before it is too late?

Sexual Assault Trigger Warning!
We Shall Ne’er Be Younger by Mary Ellen Woods

First, it is wonderful to have a romance created around those who are older, hopefully wiser and definitely more life experienced. Mary Ellen Woods has proven the notion that middle-aged couples cannot have spice in their new romance to be wrong, very wrong. WE SHALL NE’ER BE YOUNGER borders on an erotic read as two over fifty people find the excitement and heartbreak of new love, while quite possibly handling it just as over-emotionally. Baggage is baggage and Emily has her share, widowed only four months earlier, she has grieved, for both a husband and a marriage that did not fulfill her. She promises that this time is for her. She wants to feel free to express herself, to love and give in her own way, in her own time.

Mike is a career military officer. He has seen the worst and done his duty. He was fortunate to come home alive, but his floundering marriage became another casualty of war. Both are single, but Mike has a reputation of notching his bed post with his conquests.

What these two discover is that age is no barrier when it comes to feelings and that outside forces are just as toxic or nurturing at their age as it is for those half their age. There are insecurities, arguments and boundaries to be fought for. Do they have what it takes to go the distance? Will Mike’s desire to “get ‘er done” destroy any chance they have at love? Has Emily made too many rules that must be obeyed on her terms? They may have a lifetime to find out, but how long will that lifetime be?
Mary Ellen Woods has done a remarkable job of erasing the age barrier on erotic romance. I rode the rollercoaster of emotions as a witness to their budding romance. One minute I thought Mike was far too controlling and his ego was irritating. The next minute I wanted Emily to get over her rules of engagement. She often took things so far that Mike became childishly anger because he didn’t score. Does this mean NO does not mean NO after fifty?

On a VERY positive note, there was little worry about body image, and that earns a star right there! Emily is not another woman worried about her thighs, her belly, her breasts. She is confident, even in a world foreign to her. She is able to unleash the inner siren she had to keep hidden. There is a beautiful, earthy tale here that briefly addressed so many factors for two mature adults. I wanted more of that and maybe a little less sex, graphic or not. But when all is said and done and that final page is turned, this IS a story that needed to be told, because in a youth oriented society there are still a lot of us “dinosaurs” roaming around!

I received this copy from Mary Ellen Woods in exchange for my honest review.

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