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Winter Wonderland by Jane Blythe (Detective Parker Bell, #2)

Winter Wonderland
by Jane Blythe

Series: Detective Parker Bell - Book 2
Publication Date: January 24, 2014
Publisher: Jane Blythe
Genre: Suspense
Print Length: 265 pages
Available from: Amazon
The spine-tinglingly gripping sequel to ‘A Secret to the Grave’

Winter is approaching and serial killer, The Iceman, is emerging from hibernation to once again rule the winter with theatrical and brutal murders.

With the city in the grips of Iceman fuelled terror, Detective Parker Bell is handed the task of finding a killer who is meticulous enough to leave behind no physical evidence and self-controlled to lie dormant through spring, summer and fall.

As he hunts the Iceman, Detective Parker Bell must also balance his fledgling relationship with Tessa Micah, who is still struggling to deal with the emotional backlash of her own encounter with a madman. When Tessa stumbles upon the killer’s identity things spiral out of control, irrevocably changing Parker’s world forever.
Winter Wonderland by Jane Blythe 
(Detective Parker Bell, #2)

Winter Wonderland (Detective Parker Bell #2)Like the brutal winds of winter, The Iceman cometh and death will follow. A brilliant killer, he leaves no hint of who he is, only the brutality of death and Detectives Parker Bell and Skylar Wyatt are once again caught on the losing side of hide and seek.

It isn’t until Tessa discovers the bizarre truth of who The Iceman is, that once again, terror will darken the Bell’s doorstep and cut deep into their very fiber. Tessa has enough of a past to deal with, has her walls shut down so tight, no one can reach her, until with one word, her past roars back to life with a jealous vengeance.

Meanwhile, a teen named Winter is determined she knows the identity of the killer and like Tessa, runs off to find proof only to find she may be wrong about the who, but knows she is on the right trail, all she has to do is survive, herself. Will Winter be the key that brings an avalanche of hurt down on The Iceman? As Tessa is once again caught in a life and death situation, it will be family that shows its true colors.

WINTER WONDERLAND grabs you by the throat and hangs on until that final page when you can finally breathe again, relaxing every taut muscle in your body. Jane Blythe tackles dark and ugly by the horns and presents a tale that is razor sharp, emotionally magnetic and so twisted, a Gordian knot would be easier to unravel.

Fresh characters will add depth as the frigid atmosphere of winter fuels the cold heart of The Iceman. One more gem for the thriller/suspense pile from Jane Blythe!

I received this copy from Jane Blythe in exchange for my honest review.

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