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Zendar: A Tale of Blood and Sand by K.T. Munson

Zendar: A Tale of Blood and Sand
by K.T. Munson
Publication Date: December 3, 2014
Publisher: K.T. Munson
Genre: Romantic Fantasy
Print Length: 166 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Blood is how it all began, and only by blood can it end. Chaos has reigned in Zendar for years since the rise of the seven Bloodlines. The Liege Aleron Corvinus ruthlessly seeks revenge for the mistreatment of his ancestors. His ambitions will only be sated when he claims the world under his family’s name; he will only stop when all of Zendar is his and the other six Bloodlines pay their weight in blood.

Azel Undel was born into this world of blood and sand. She is of a dying Bloodline, a feared one, but most coveted. Promised, in exchange for money, to a man she had never known; Azel travels across Zendar. Her ship is attacked and she alone survives, setting the wheels of fate in motion. She did not expect to become her enemy’s captive or that he would demand her submission to him.

Loyalties are tested, secrets are uncovered, and Azel will have to make a choice: remain loyal to her family and everything she ever stood for or be loyal to her own heart.

Zendar: A Tale of Blood and Sand by K.T. Munson

Zendar: A Tale of Blood and SandKeep your friends close and your enemies closer, an adage that looks like it could work out pretty well for sworn enemies in a land that has known only chaos since the rise of the seven Bloodlines. Not all of the Bloodlines have flourished. Some have been so powerful that they were feared and murdered. One man is determined to avenge his ancestors and will stop at nothing to conquer and rule the world with a ruthless and bloody hand.

She was born into the most feared Bloodline, one that is dying and Azel has been promised to a stranger far across the sands of Zendar. When her ship is attacked and she is taken prisoner, she will find that for all of his vitriol and hatred, Aleron is a lonely soul looking for the same comfort and companionship as anyone else and just maybe her heart is telling her she has found where she truly belongs.

How does one choose between hearth and home and their heart? How can sworn enemies find common ground in emotions and passions? Is there something in the fiery Azel that whispers to Aleron’s heart in the silence of the night? Will she give in to his demands or become the mistress of his very being?

Fall into the words of K.T. Munson and ZENDAR-A TALE OF BLOOD AND SAND as she builds a futuristic world that is unforgiving and magically powerful. Feel the grit of the sand, revile the smell of bloodshed as rivers of life are drained away in battle. Who can be trusted? Whose loyalties are suspect? And what is the precious secret that Aleron protects with his very life?
Amazing characters come to life as tempers flare, and passion rages like a burning inferno. Well-written, perfectly paced and filled with hidden mysteries all woven into a tapestry of words that guarantees to enthrall! K.T. Munson’s imagination is magnificent!

I received this copy from K.T. Munson in exchange for my honest review.

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