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Cameron Nation: Going All-In to Save His Country by David Carraturo

Cameron Nation:
Going All-In to Save His Country
by David Carraturo

Publisher: iUniverse (May 18, 2011)
Publication Date: May 18, 2011
Genre: Fiction
Print Length: 311 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Frustrated with the current political climate self-made billionaire, Chris Cameron retires from a successful hedge fund to focus on philanthropic endeavors. With the notoriety received after he competes in the World Series of Poker to raise money for his newest charities, the Tea Party member is introduced to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. A driven, charismatic, and brilliant leader by nature, Cameron soon finds himself invited into the elite world of professional politics.
When Chris is asked to be the running mate on the GOP ticket, he leaps at the opportunity. The duo is elected and with the assistance of a super-majority Republican-controlled Congress they quickly implement a far-reaching agenda to restore the United States to its rightful place atop the geopolitical stage.
Cameron Nation tells the story of how a street smart kid from the suburbs of New York City leverages a deep understanding of economic theory, the business world and the capital markets combined with the savvy of an experienced poker player to provide overwhelming strategic support and gain the trust of the new president and the growing conservative movement.

 Cameron Nation: Going All-In to Save His Country
by David Carraturo

Cameron Nation: Going All-In to Save His CountryChris has come a long way since his childhood, growing up in the middle of mobs, wiseguys and the loyalties of close-knit families. The Columbus Avenue Boys are now men, independent, free of the neighborhood and the lives they could have become trapped in. Having run far and fast, Chris is now a billionaire family man, retired and enjoying what life has to offer, while remaining heavily invested in the heart of politics with his ability to lead, debate, charm and organize. It is that charm and intelligence that gets him an invitation to run as the Vice President on the GOP ticket.

Now firmly ensconced in the political arena, the newly elected Vice President becomes part of a powerful force to make sweeping and monumental changes in government policies. Will his past aid him in getting his point across to his political enemies? Will they see he is a force to be reckoned with who will stop at nothing to see his agenda come to fruition?

Is Chris about to show that anyone can reach their dreams if they put forth the effort needed and work with single-minded purpose? Can he enact the changes needed to make America the power it once was or will bitter enemies and the dregs of the press bring him down through innuendo and muck raking?

CAMERON NATION by David Carraturo reads like an insiders’ diary to the underpinnings of politics, policy and hope for a nation in distress. Mr. Carraturo delivers a fascinating tale of political polices gone wrong, the efforts required to correct these policies and the supposed benefits to change. With a blend of fact and fiction, CAMERON NATION often reads like an insider’s view of the Washington movers, shakers and policy makers. Insults will be flung, power struggles will be played out and one man will prove his worth in terms of integrity, honor and his love of his country and the people who made it great.

David Carraturo’s writing is engaging, enlightening and entertaining. His characters pull off clever humor, daring moves and through it all, the three friends from Columbus Avenue always have each other’s backs. Mr. Carraturo’s treatment of time evolving is spot on, as we travel from one time to another and watch as the natural evolution of each character unfolds. If you want it all when you pick up a book or a series of books, want to envision personal growth and maturity and actually have a real-life type of hero to embrace, flaws and all, take a look at David Carraturo’s work, I think you’ll be amazed when the pages fade away and you become part of each scene, each page and each chapter. Highly recommended reading for those who like some thought provoking reading that ends much too quickly!

I received this copy from David Carraturo in exchange for my honest review.

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