Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cameron's Quest by David Carraturo

Cameron's Quest
by David Carraturo

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: iUniverse (January 4, 2017)
Publication Date: January 4, 2017
Genre: Literary Fiction
Print Length: 260 pages
Available from: Amazon

Tuckahoe’s “Golden Boy” Chris Cameron had his future all mapped out. He was the big fish in the small pond as a star athlete and academic standout. Off to the University of Texas to play football, he was on track to make his Italian-American mother and Irish father proud. His two blood brothers chose different paths. Soon after high school, Sal Esposito and Tony Albanese were swept into the life of organized crime. Imposing figures, the pair assisted with strong armed activities for their capo. Away from the “life,” Chris Cameron periodically returned to his neighborhood roots to assist his blood brothers in retribution and risk his promising future to avenge violent threats to his lifelong bond. Cameron’s Quest is full of suspense and character twists. Set in the 1980s, get ready to reminisce about the Mets championship season, Reagonomics, John Gotti’s underworld reign and the pop culture of the time. Relive a time when an Italian-American family’s Sunday dinner table was the only setting needed for therapy sessions, interrogations, judgment and jury for any punishment.


Cameron's Quest by David Carraturo

Cameron's QuestRemember growing up with your best friends by your side? Did you make a pact to always stand together, no matter what? Children grow up, their lives change, the directions their lives go will differ, but for three young boys, their bond remained strong throughout. Take a trip back into the 80’s when life was more focused around family, neighbors and loyalty. Let author David Carraturo lead you through this time, as three friends mature and choose different paths for their lives, straining their bond and testing their mettle in a world that is equal parts cruel, kind and filled with too many choices. Step into CAMERON’S QUEST and discover how life is always willing to throw a curve ball when you least expect it and what you do with that ball can write your destiny.

Chris Cameron was the local hero, his life was spread before him like a midnight cruise chip buffet. He chose university and football as his ticket to a new and better life. He was the Golden Boy of Tuckahoe.

Sal Esposito and Tony Albanese chose a dark path, but one within the comfort zone of the life they grew up in. Unlike Chris, they felt they chose the bird in the hand, but had they? Was organized crime a ticket to anywhere but Hell? They were the enforcers, the muscle and often they would pay the price for their actions. Although far from the grit of the streets he grew up on, Chris knew loyalty and in times of need, he would return to his roots, to the violence, the retribution for slights, but was this the life he wanted? A born peacemaker, was it worth risking all he was trying to accomplish for friends in a shady business?

David Carraturo went for the gold with this one. Step into the era, experience the times, feel the tension and keep one eye open at all times as crime families are pitted against each other, blood is pitted against blood, and loyalty can be bought on a street corner. Real families, real family dynamics, lofty aspirations, fear of change and dancing to the beat of a different drummer, CAMERON’S QUEST feels real, from the world building to the background scenes to the young innocence lost. Can these men return to the bonds they forged so long ago? Mesmerizing reading, time stamped with actual events and just waiting to be elevated to the top of the gem pile, an amazing read about life. David Carraturo writes from the heart with bold strokes and a flair for realism. Color me very impressed!

I received this copy from David Carraturo in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Seems like you really enjoyed this one. And there's football!

  2. I've read some great things about CAMERON'S QUEST. Is it being made into a movie? I enjoy books/movies about good guys who have to be bad to protect their loved ones. I know the novel is meant to be a bad-ass "Godfather-type" story but I do like the idea of a tough mob of men being judged and sentenced by their mama over a plate of spaghetti bolognese!