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Dragons of Dirt by C.C. Hogan (Dirt Series #2 - Book #2)

Dragons of Dirt
by C.C. Hogan

Series: Dirt Series #2- Book 2
Publication Date: January 10, 2017
Publisher: C.C. Hogan
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Print Length: 533 pages
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In the hills above Meressa, on the southern coast of Preland and in the ruined town of Ponack, dragons are now returning and setting up small, optimistic communities.

Mistry must now work to put the rest of her centuries-old plan into action, but nothing can happen until they find the descendant of the Cwendrina.

But while Silvi and Ferret travel across Preland with Be-Elin and Mab-Abin, two old enemies are rising across the Yonder Sea in Bind.

Whether or not they are successful in their search, they will have to confront the warring Keffra-See and the memory of the Haftens.

For Silvi Farthing, it will mean a trial by war that will tear her soul in two.

The saga continues with Dragons of Dirt.

“I have done as you and Be-Elin asked and as I promised myself I would do.” He turned to the small women, his eyes bleak. “Why does it hurt so much?”

Mistry took his hands in hers, reached up and wiped the tears from his face. “Good deeds hurt the most, Edver. And good people feel the pain most of all.”

Dragons of Dirt by C.C. Hogan (Dirt Series #2 - Book #2)

Dragons of Dirt (Dirt Series #2, #2)They were coming back and the world will find they were not mere fantasy, dragons are real. C.C. Hogan takes us back to the world of Dirt, centuries after Farthing walked the earth and fought for the rights of free men to choose. His statues still stand, but history has become murky and the truth of the battles fought and the departure of the dragons has been all but forgotten. Once again, war is on the horizon and one young woman may find herself trying to fill the shoes of her ancestor, General Farthing. Is Silvi Farthing prepared for the heartbreak and pressures of battle? With Ferret by her side, riding on the wings of Be-Elin and Mab-abin, trouble is on the horizon.

First the search is on for the contemporary ancestor of the legendary Cwendrina. She is the key to victory and Mistry needs her to finally reach the culmination of her centuries old plan.

Yes, the dragons are coming back, some centuries old, some survivors of the war so long ago who remember when dragons and humans stood side by side as allies, companions and neighbors. Brilliant of mind, well-spoken and loyal by nature, the dragons have survived the devastating disease that decimated their numbers and are ready to re-join the world and live among the often barbaric humans.

DRAGONS OF DIRT continues another tome in the saga that spans centuries and as the flashbacks to the past are told and long dead heroes are discussed, this time out, I had a clear feeling of nostalgia while remembering old friends met in previous books. It is a welcome re-connection with dragons whose very personalities and intelligence have remained with me. Even the descendants of those brave dragons made me smile. From large dragons to the much smaller ones, this fantasy comes to life and reality completely fades away. C.C. Hogan puts his heart and soul into each tale form creating his own artwork and covers to treating each dragon as a friend.

This is NOT dark epic fantasy with doom and gloom, the eternal quest and a heavy feeling, this is a continuing tale of a fantasy world, regular people who become heroes and some who have gained the longevity of the dragons. It is storytelling at its best, the kind that feels as if the author is sitting in front of you pulling you in and offering you a place to partake in each scene throughout the centuries. There is love, commitment to a cause and those amazing dragons. Far too many subplots to mention, all fitting together like a well-crafted puzzle, this is chicken soup for the imagination!

I received this copy from C.C. Hogan in exchange for my honest review.

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