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Immurement by Norma Hinkens (The Undergrounders, #1)

by Norma Hinkens

Series: The Undergrounders - Book 1
Publisher: Dunecadia Publishing; 1 edition (December 9, 2015)
Publication Date: December 9, 2015
Genre: Post -apocalyptic | Scifi | YA-Teen
Print Length: 261 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

The Sweepers are coming. The hunt for humankind begins.

The year is 2069. Sixteen-year-old Derry and her brother live in perpetual fear of capture. They survive underground on a post-apocalyptic earth overrun by gangs and clones, and hunted overhead by mysterious hoverships. When her brother goes missing, Derry’s only hope of finding him is to strike a deal with a group of cutthroat subversives. Desperate to save her only sibling, she leads a daring raid to uncover the secrets behind the Sweepers’ hoverships, but she soon finds out the world she knows is a lie.
Keeping her brother alive may require trusting her enemy and opening her heart to someone scarcely human.

Immurement is the first book in The Undergrounders Series, a sci-fi dystopian thriller trilogy. If you like captivating apocalyptic tales, gritty complex heroines, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love this fast-paced, end-of-the-world adventure!


 Immurement by Norma Hinkens (The Undergrounders, #1)

Immurement (The Undergrounders #1)In the not too distant future the world has overheated from the inside out. The devastation is horrendous and what is left of civilization has gone underground to avoid the brutal gangs and the Sweepers, unknown ships that come only in the daytime to spirit away humans, one by one. Who are these terrifying monsters, and what are they doing to their victims? It seems no one knows, but could that be possible?

Derry remembers her life before the big disaster, she lost her mother then and for all purposes, his father who now lives buried in a drunken stupor in their underground home. Except for her dog and her brother, she has nothing, so when her brother goes missing after being out during the day, sixteen-year-old Derry is determined to find him or die trying. What she discoveries is that the enemy she feared was no stranger to Earth, but she was hardly prepared for what evil was being wrought in the name of survival for the human race.

Humans were being stolen for science, mad science, insane science and the eternal search for longevity and immortality. Step one was to create a superior being, a clone of another and to infuse it with superior strength, mental capacity and oh yes, tracking chips. These clones would be their army, their protectors and their puppets and now Derry must decide to trust one of the enemy to bring her brother home.

How far is Derry willing to go to save her brother and the rest of humanity? She is ill-prepared to lead anyone on a certain-death mission, but with sheer grit, gut instinct and the help of both friends and enemies alike, she will go through hell and back to save her brother and the world.

You know that feeling of “I didn’t see THAT one coming…” I felt it from page one and it just kept getting better! No high angst sissies in this tale! This is a battle of life and death, survival and finding one’s inner strength to make hard decisions and live with them. Derry is mature beyond her years in so many ways and yet still so young to survive in a world that has become brutal and cold.

Norma Hinkens has created a tale of survival, love and determination that will have you cheering and sometimes near tears as the reality of what is happening KO’s your heart. Fast paced, intense and amazing, this is one read no one should miss! It is pure entertainment and escape, as well as a lesson in what it means to have heart.

I received this copy from Norma Hinkens in exchange for my honest review.

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