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Midnight Curse (Disrupted Magic #1) by Melissa F. Olson

Midnight Curse
by Melissa F. Olson

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Disrupted Magic - Book 1
Publisher: 47North (February 7, 2017)
Publication Date: February 7, 2017
Genre: Supernatural Suspense
Print Length: 317 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Scarlett Bernard is used to cleaning up messes. As a human who cancels out any magic around her, Scarlett’s job is to keep the supernatural world hidden—at any cost.
On the eve of the Vampire Trials, a two-day tribunal that allows the otherworldly community to air their grievances, Scarlett receives a blood-soaked message from Molly, her estranged former roommate. Molly, a vampire, had been living with twelve human college students…and in one terrible night, she slaughtered them all.
Scarlett believes Molly’s been set up, but no one else in the Old World agrees with her. And the true perpetrator is determined to make sure Molly goes on trial for the massacre—the penalty for which is death.
With less than two days to prove her friend’s innocence, Scarlett calls on former LAPD detective Jesse Cruz to help her dig into Molly’s past. But no one—Molly included—wants Scarlett and Jesse to bring the terrible truth to light.

  Midnight Curse (Disrupted Magic #1) by Melissa F. Olson

Midnight Curse (Disrupted Magic, #1)What? A mere human is entrusted with keeping the all-powerful supernatural world secret? Go team mere humans! Scarlett is a Null, all she has to do is walk into a room of vampires, werewolves, etc., and poof, they become like humans. No power, no fangs, no supernatural speed or even going furry. Her job is to keep the supes from being discovered by the humans.

Melissa F. Olson’s MIDNIGHT CURSE is the tale of hidden powers, treachery and the trial of a vampire who may or may not have killed humans in a bloody and wretch-worthy feeding frenzy. Was sweet Molly in her right mind? Was she being controlled by another? Is she actually responsible for these gruesome deaths?

While juggling a relationship on the edge and with only one day to find the truth about what happened to Molly the night of the brutal bloodbath, Scarlett and her allies know time is of the essence, but what if they find the villain behind the killings? Will the Vampire Trials hear her? Listen to her? Or will it all have been in vain…

Lots of attitude from demanding supernatural leaders to Scarlett’s priceless personality, the action and tension rolls on through from start to finish. Some heartache, an untested heroine and a realization of the heart. Lots to like about this series and the first book has me wanting more.

I received an ARC edition from 47North in exchange for my honest review.

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